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Tripawd Tuesday: Othello is Sweet Sixteen

Hey everypawdy, it’s Wyatt Ray, your Tripawd Spokesdawg coming to you from the great country of Canada! And today I want to share a quick Tripawd Tuesday story about a super cool three-legged senior cat who visited us recently.

Meet Othello, the Three-Legged Senior Cat who Defies the Odds

three-legged senior cat
Can you believe he is sixteen?

Yeah, he’s a fine looking feline, isn’t he? The day we hung out with Stewie, Othello stopped by with his mom, Leone and his dad, Greg.  

OK I’ll admit, I was so excited to see a CAT at my door that I went a little bonkers. That like never happens! But Othello didn’t seem to care though. He’s pretty brave.

three legged senior cat
Othello the fearless Tripawd cat.

Dad stayed inside to make sure I kept my cool, but mom ran outside and slammed the door behind her. Othello was such a great surprise, she just had to get to know him.

And what she learned amazed her: this cat from Naksup, British Columbia, is sixteen years young! Yeah, almost twice as old as ME! Don’t you think he looks like a kid?

Othello Gets Around

three-legged senior cat
Othello has a cool ride.

Leone says he got some serious injuries when he went on an outdoor adventure. He barely survived to become the strong, three-legged senior cat that he is today.

Since he lost his leg Othello doesn’t get to travel solo like he used to. But that’s OK, because now he has a cool ride and two adoring chauffeurs who take him everywhere they go. What a lucky cat!

three-legged senior cat
Greg and Leone love Othello to the moon and back!

I’m glad he stopped by, just wish I could have had longer to get to know him. I think we could have become friends. 

Your Hero Can Star in Tripawd Tuesday!

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5 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Othello is Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Wyatt, you realky behaved yiirself and didn’t break the door down!! Good boy! Of course, your Dad probably had you in a headlock!

    OTHELLO!! OMC!! WHAT A KISSABLE KITTY!!! You just look so darn cuddly and squishy and loveable!❤

    I’m so glad you have such attentive hoomans who know how to treat you like the Royalty that you are!

    Look forward to seeing more posts AND pictures, okay? And you really do look like a kitten! Adoravle photos!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Othello is an awesome cat, so chill and loves everyone and everything :). We look forward to meeting more tripawd pets!

  3. Othello, Leone and Greg!!! How wonderful to see you star in your own Tripawds Tuesday Blog!!!
    We are very fortunate to share the same lake as Brave Othello! Such a Cool McCool Cat!!! You guys seriously, this is one cool dude!!
    It was such a pleasure meeting them and we have met again around town, so we will definitely get to see Othello again!
    Im sorry you didn’t get to meet Othello officially Wyatt Ray, but you have done a brilliant job of show casing a really cool furmily!
    Hopefully Othello can start his own blog page, but it is possible he will make it into Stewies blog again…
    Rots of Ruvin from Super Stu, Petra, Paul, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McFiend, Prissy Miss Lily and Gopher Hunting Ted

    • We just couldn’t believe our good fortune at running into TWO tripawds living in the most beautiful place on the planet. What are the odds?!


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