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Tripawd Tuesday Call for Entries: Your Story is Wanted

Everyone has an amazing Tripawd tale to tell. We love sharing them in our ongoing Tripawd Tuesday spotlight. Each story submitted by members gives hope and inspawration to those just beginning their three-legged journey. These tales also help members find comfort during hard times.

The only problem? We need more Tripawd Tuesday stories!

Tripawds Northern California
2016 Northern California Tripawds pawty. Photo:

We get very few guest blog posts submitted on a regular basis. Sure, we can always put a Tripawd Tuesday feature together based on Tripawd member blogs, but the real impact happens when stories come directly from members.

Three legged cat rabbit
Trikitty Jimmi and his best pal bunny.

So please, if you enjoy this regular feature and want to see it continue, check out these quick tips for sending in your Tripawd hero’s tale. Then send yours in today! And if there’s a way you think we can improve this feature, by all means, contact us and let us know, we’re open to new ideas. Thanks so much.

Tripawd Tuesday Call for Entries: It’s Easy!

Northern California Tripawd dogs
Dusty and Shelby. Photo:

Each Tuesday, Tripawd dogs and cats from around the world can enter for a chance to be “Tripawd of the Week.” Just share your Tripawd’s story and you’re entered to win! On every Tuesday of the week, tell us about your three-legged hero. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. In a short paragraph or two (or longer if you’d like!), describe your three-legged hero’s story.
  2. Include a photo or video.
  3. Include a link to your Tripawds Forum topic and/or Tripawds blog, social media handles, etc.
  4. Email your story and photos to us.

All entries must be received by Saturday at 11:59 pm. One Tripawd story will be selected at random to be featured the following Tuesday.



Sharing is Caring!

1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday Call for Entries: Your Story is Wanted”

  1. Hello everybody I’m sharing my story about my three Legget dog Nevada! She’s the first three Legged dog I’ve ever had however she’s the best dog I’ve ever had bar none. I got her about seven years ago when she was about seven years old which means she’ll be turning 14 pretty soon here in December! Nevada has had a rough life born in 2003 she lived with her first owner for seven years however he kept her locked up in a small room almost all day long and she got very little exercise. She was quite weak when I first got her at age 7 however after a few months of taking her around with me everywhere I go she’s perked back up she’s got plenty more muscle mass and she seems to be a lot happier. She has a new problem now however I’m hoping maybe somebody in the world of the Internet may be able to help me out with. She has a wound on her ear that has been there for a few years it dries up falls off and reappears. I tried all kinds of home remedies on it finally I took her to the vet and gave her antibiotics which seem to help but now it’s getting worse again and I need to take her to the vet to have them surgically remove the wound. This is the only other option that I know of at the moment but this will cost a lot of money which I am quite short on at the moment. Does anybody have some advice on what I should do or advice on where I can find medical treatment for her that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. No pun intended LOL. Thank you for reading my little story I look forward to hearing from you. I would do anything for my dog no matter what the price!


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