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Tripawds Rocks AAHA 2016 Vet Conference

What a week! The amazing response we received from the veterinary community at the American Animal Hospital Association Conference was beyond our wildest dreams! We met and reconnected with so many great people from the vet community.

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
Dr. Christine Hardy from Colorado State University visited!

For three days, hundreds of vets, vet nurses and practice managers stopped by our booth to ask about what we do or just give us 3-paws up because they already had Tripawds Outreach Brochures in their lobby. We even met a veterinarian from Bejing, China who was so excited to tell her clients about this community!

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
Visitors learned all about Tripawds and requested free brochures for clinics.

In almost a decade as Tripawds, we’ve never been able to reach so many in the veterinary community at a single given time. We had long, thoughtful conversations with people, all who understand the value of providing education about life on three legs for cats and dogs.

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
Finally got to meet Dr. Cyndie Courtney of

A great big SHOUT OUT to everyone in this community who helped with donations that allowed us to exhibit at AAHA 2016. We couldn’t have done this without your help!

Spirit Jerry Was In Charge

Even more incredible, we had unexpected reunions with three key people who treated Tripawds Founder Jerry during the early stages of his osteosarcoma diagnosis. We haven’t seen these folks since 2007 and if it weren’t for them, who knows if Tripawds would even exist? Clearly, Jerry was orchestrating these crazy reunions.

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
The vet who saved Jerry, Dr. Andrea Christenson.

For example, what a surprise to bump into Jerry’s first vet, still practicing in Eureka, California. This man taught us the value of getting a second opinion. Then we had a joyous reunion with Dr. Andrea Christenson (pictured above) now at Woodinville Vet in Washington State. Dr. Christenson was that awesome, forward-thinking “second opinion vet” who urged us to visit her alma mater, UC Davis, for amputation and oncology care. We love her to pieces!

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
Theresa from UC Davis got Jerry into surgery, stat!

Last but not least there was an unexpected visit from our dear friend Theresa, who we’ve known for decades but lost touch with in 2007. Theresa has always worked at the UC Davis Vet Teaching Hospital. In November 2006, she was able to get Jerry into diagnostics and surgery at a moment’s notice. Even better, she was at the AAHA conference with her boss, the UC Davis hospital manager, who is excited to get the Tripawds Outreach Brochures into the hospital lobby!

We met so many folks whose lives were touched by YOU, Tripawds Nation. You helped make their journeys easier…thank you! We’ll share one very special story in an upcoming news blog post, because their video deserves a special spotlight.

Tripawds Education and News, Coming Up!

Beyond the outreach we accomplished, we also filled our heads with the latest news in amputation surgery, pain management, oncology and rehab therapy.

Tripawds AAHA 2016 Vet Conferenece
We learned so much news about Tripawd recovery and care.

Classes were led by some of the world’s leading vet scientists and care givers from major institutions like Colorado State, University of Pennsylvania and private practice oncology treatment centers. Here are just a few classes we attended:

  • “How Do You Know They Hurt? Assessing Acute Pain in Cats and Dogs”
  • “Osteosarcoma in Dogs: New Therapeutic Advances”
  • “Metronomic Therapy: When a Little Goes a Long Way”

Imagine our surprise when on more than one occasion, presenters gave the Tripawds Nation a shout-out and recommended that vets refer their amputation candidates to our community.

AAHA 2016 Tripawds veterinary conference
Tripawds gets a shout-out in an amputation seminar!

This marks a huge accomplishment in Tripawds Community history. Thank you everyone! In the coming months we’ll share key points about surgery, recovery and rehab from all of the informative sessions, so stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Tripawds Rocks AAHA 2016 Vet Conference”

  1. So wonderful! Yay!!! From the bottom of my heart and my dearly departed tripawd Max’s heart, THANK YOU and CONGRATLUATIONS!!!

  2. Yay, Yay & more Yay. This is such awesome news and great that Jerry lead you to re-connect with some vets. I know Jerry was working his magic. I can’t believe how much we have grown in the past almost 4 years that I have been here. I am so glad that this community was started . You both have done so much work. Thank you.

    Thank you from the bottom of your hearts Jim, Rene, Jerry & Wyatt for all the hard work you have done and continue to do for our wonderful community

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • You and Sally and everyone here is so much a part of this success, truly. We are nothing without the love, care and support from great people like YOU! 🙂 xoxo

  3. JIM AND RENE!!!!!! WHAT YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED IN THOSE FEW DAYS IS SPECTACULAR!!!! Actually, what you’ve accomplished all these years since the inception of Tripawds is SPECTACULAR!! 🙂

    I know your heart skipped a beat everytime a presenter mentioned Tripawds!

    The display was very well done btw.

    I tell ya’ what though, to nave Jerry “show up” in so many ways, ESPECIALLY reconnecting with those three vets….OMD…talk about a sign…a big huge neon sign….:-) 🙂 🙂 It gives me chills from nead to toe knowing Jerry did, indeed, orchestrate this “reunion”. And to think how vlown away they were to see the impact the dog named Jerry they helped has had on the lives and dogs and cats forever!!!

    You were meant ro be there….right time…right place….everything fell into place as it should. I can only imagine the ripple effect that’s in the works now from your presence…and Jerry’s presence!! 🙂

    THANK YOU JIM AND RENE!!!! As we say around here….”Way to represent!”

    With gratitude

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Truly Sally, I’d never felt Jerry’s presence more strongly than when all those key people showed up unexpectedly. It was obvious he is making sure we are on the right path to help others get through this scary journey.

      And like I said Michelle….YOU my dear are so much a part of this magic, we can’t thank you enough.

  4. This is SO awesome!!!! I am so excited for you all and thrilled it was a great success and all that networking!!! It truly warms my heart when I see grassroots missions make such a HUGE impact and grow and grow. In the short time I have been a part of this nation, I have seen the leaps and bounds you all have made and to that I say THANK YOU and bravo!!! ON behalf of everyone who faces this in their pet’s life … we thank you for your time, dedication, energy and devotion.

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)


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