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Tripawd Tuesday: Neka Nixes Two Cancers, Keeps on Rockin!

When a Tripawd member thrives way beyond those depressing dog cancer odds, it’s a BIG reason to jump up and party! Today for Tripawd Tuesday won’t you join us in a celebration of Neka’s amazing, rockin’, butt-kickin’ three-legged journey?


This miracle girl is yet another reason why we must remember that statistics don’t take into account your dog or cat. That everyone is different, and no story is exactly alike. Neka is yet another reason why Hope Rules here in the Tripawds Nation!

Here’s a bit about this miracle girl as told by her Momma:

October 2014

dog cancer, tripawd, osteosarcoma, TPLO, knee
Neka, July 2014

My girls name is Neka, she is a large breed mix/ridgeback/Shepard/ hound…and whatever else God gave her. She is currently 10 months post op amputation with OAS.  I want to share our journey in hopes that it may help others with their research and journey.

One of my worst fears was if she would be able to get up ok because of her back knee TPLO surgery she had 3 yrs prior and that she began to get arthritis in.. but she squashed that fear the 2nd night home…

July 2015

Haven’t updated Neka’s status in a while, just been swamped with life.But I am ecstatic to say Neka is doing amazing.. yay!!

12 months post-op!

She is happy and still asymptomatic at her 14month post amputation, and 15 month since first suspicion dx.

More in July 2015

So, after being diagnosed with a 2nd kind of cancer in addition to OSA and amputation of front R-Leg, In April of 2015 I had a mass removed from my back Left Leg. I was offered these options. . .

Neka’s 12th Birthday!

2yrs and going strong..HOPE-FAITH-LOVE

Neka writes: I am feeling blessed, I am 2 yrs post OSA dx and 2 yrs since my amputation on the 10th of this month, but I couldn’t wait, I wanted to share with everybody so they can have hope and faith and to remember to get checked out early.

dog cancer, osteosarcoma, electrochemotherapy, cruciate tear
Take THAT cancer!

I am also 7 months post grade 3 STS on a different leg, which is still at bay…yay!!

I’m kinda amazing!!….. thats all!!

dog cancer, electrochemotherapy, osteosarcoma, soft tissue, amputee, tripawd

We agree 100 pawcent, this girl is AMAZING! Neka and her Mom have a bond that is stronger than cancer, more powerful than those odds and it shows. When most would have given up, this dynamic duo keeps going with a great attitude and a focus on making the most out of life no matter what curveballs it throws. We are SO proud and happy for them, and hope that every Tripawd in the world gets to enjoy such a great quality of life as these two!

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Neka Nixes Two Cancers, Keeps on Rockin!”

  1. Such an amazing miracle dog! Truly a miracle, an inspirational miracle!! And she’s a senior too! Shhh….don’t tell Neka though, she thinks she’s a puppy!!

    And as Jerry said, eka and her Mom nave a strong a d ppwerful bond and they make the most of whatever curveballs are thrown their way! And goodness knows, they’ve had their share of curveballs!

    I love all the pictures of Neka. She always looks strong and Warrior like, and soooo happy and content!!

    Thanks for being such a Beacon of Hope for everyone on this journey! It’s stories like this that lets us know every dog coukd be a Neka dog!

    Cheering you on Neka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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