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Tripawd Tuesday: Hannah & Her Human Needs a NorCal Rental Home

Today’s TripawdTuesday feature is a little unconventional, but we’re hoping it will help a member in a crazy predicament. Our pal Hannah Rae Dawg, sweet bride to Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg, is really in need of a home to rent for her, three pack mates and her mom.

Tripawd, German Shepherd
Hannah Rae (left) with Wyatt Ray (right)

See, Hannah’s mom found a GREAT new job in Northern California. But it means moving from Southern California. Unfortunately the housing market up there is just crazy! And they can’t find anypawdy who wants to rent to a responsible, gainfully employed dog mom with four wonderful, well-behaved canines. Isn’t that nuts?

Hannah's Pack

Folks, if you know anypawdy who has a rental house somewhere in the Bay Area, Hannah and her human would really love to chat! Check out their Forum post, “Relocating to be a Northern California Tripawd!

Tripawd German Shepherd Hannah
Hannah is getting very sad.
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6 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Hannah & Her Human Needs a NorCal Rental Home”

  1. Sorry for the slow delay in updating everyone – my mom has been busy packing and getting us ready to move!

    We FINALLY found a very nice lady who would rent to us – my mom tells me that the landlady would rather have the dogs live there than my mom but my mom had to tell her that she came with the pack, so my mom is happy that we are welcome somewhere and will have a nice place to live.

    We also have to give a shout out to the Oaktown Pack for putting us in contact with this wonderful landlady – and my dream is going to come true because I will be a member of the Oaktown Pack for real not just through marriage! =)

    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! See you in Northern Cali soon!

    • Moving is no fun but afterward, oh BOY you are gonna have the best pack ever to hang with Hannah! Lucky lucky dawg. We’re gonna come visit soon. Good luck with everything. xoxo

  2. Thank you everypawdy – my mom apologizes for the delayed response – she was busy looking for a house for us up north.

    My mom says her area of focus is just outside of Sacramento – lincoln – folsom – el dorado – cameron park – but she is open to other areas if they are safe – she knows there is crime everywhere but she wants to be able to walk us and feel safe. Some areas she has been in – she says she would never be able to walk us! She really isn’t aware of any areas other than the ones she has listed. She of course has a budget as well – she says she still has to feed us! =)

    There are a ton of rental houses up north – so far no one wants 4 dogs – it is a renters market we are told and that means there are 10 people applying for every house and if it comes down to it they won’t choose the one with 4 dogs when they can choose one with no dogs or one dog! I am still on a lot of peoples breed restriction list – i guess the german shedder still has a bad rap but i am so sweet it makes my mom sad!

    I have contacted a few relocation specialists – who turn out to be realtors who quickly refer me to property managers in the area who quickly say no to 4 dogs on the pet friendly properties they have.

    it is a daily search my mom and grandma do and so far we have come up pretty empty. This week we have been told that everyone tries to move before school starts and now that school is starting we might have a better chance?! we will find out.

    Thank you everyone for your help and positive thoughts!

  3. This has to be sooo frustrating!!

    Tese pictures show such a lpving family and they need to be together!

    I was really hoping that some of those places you contacted could help.

    Have you actually been able to find some rentals with a fenced yard who just aren’t willing to rent to four dogs versus one dog?? Or is just impossible to basically find rentals available in that area?

    Surely if a possible landlord saw these pictures they could .ake them revisit their decision!! Such a wonderful pack!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  4. Thank you everypawday. My mom said she is missing the magic puzzle piece that makes this whole thing fit together. Everyone she talks to says they can’t help, rescues, animal contro,l private owners, property managers all tell us they can’t help! She’s knows she isn’t the only one who has moved and rented with multiple dogs. What’s the secret? She knows she just hasnt found the right people, might that be you?


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