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Tripawd Tuesday: Monbo the Mastiff’s Magical Adventure

Today’s Tripawd Tuesday wouldn’t be possible without a second opinion provided by Tripawds’ favorite fairy vet mother, Dr. Pam Wiltzius DVM of River Road Animal Hospital in Puyallup, Washington. Today we present Monbo the Mastiff!

Tripawd French Mastiff Monbo
Tripawd French Mastiff Monbo

Monbo Saved by a Second Opinion

When faced with the amputation decision, it’s critical to get a second opinion if your vet says your giant breed dog isn’t a good candidate for amputation. Large dogs are often dismissed as amputation candidates because some vets just don’t see a lot of them, while other vets see many — or even have personal experience with these heroes.

One vet who knows about giant breed Tripawds is Dr. Pam Wiltzius. She joined us in August, 2008 when her 165-pound English Mastiff Tazzie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Since then Dr. Wiltzius continues to generously share her insight with our community. Recently we met one of her patients, Christina Armijo of Puyallup, who shared her dog Monbo’s inspawrational story with us. Enjoy!

“I LOVE Dr Pam! Monbo’s first vet was uncomfortable amputating although I had said I felt it the best thing to do after I researched. He convinced me to try pain control for a few weeks but there’s no controlling that pain.

My big, rambunctious, happy, playful guy was becoming depressed, wouldn’t eat or move. That’s when I called River Road and asked for Dr Pam. She called me back right away and told me to go on Tripawds and look at the video of her dog and all the others.

She was so attentive and always just an email or phone call away as we went through the surgery as well as after. She more than did the surgery on my big guy, she helped care for him and spoil him while he recovered in their care. I was AMAZED at how compassionate all the staff are there.

It was absolutely the right decision to amputate and I’m forever grateful Dr. Pam took the time to talk to me and show me through tripawd big guys can live and enjoy life as a tri. Monbo is back to his happy, rambunctious, silly, self and doing Amazing as a tripawd. Actually swims, his favorite thing off all times, unassisted. When he sees water he actually runs to it.

Tripawd French Mastiff Monbo

I get tears of joy every time. Not sure how long I’ll have my big guy but know for sure his life will continue to be filled full of fun and adventure!

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4 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Monbo the Mastiff’s Magical Adventure”

  1. My heart is so happy right now! Thank you Dr Pam, Tripawd and for your beautiful comment Benny55! Tears were definitly flowing as I read my guys story, how far we have come in such a short time. I was so lost and confused of what to do when that dreadful word “cancer” popped up. Monbo and I will be forever grateful for Dr Pam and the staff at RRAH and of coarse for Tripawd. Cant tell you how many times I turned to you for inspawrational stories, advice for after care, and to just not feel alone. Thank you Rene Agredano for getting my big guys story out there and for being so helpful in finding my very large footed guy some boots, lol By the way the most AMAZING Dr Pam gave me one of her boots from her beloved Tripawd Tazzie, and YAY it fit! Soon as I put that boot on I could see his confidence build. Dr Pam aka” favorite fairy vet mother” come through again! Love her! Monbo continues to do amazing! His big ole smile and I call them “flying nun” ears are back! My big guy is pain free and oh so happy…:’)

  2. Well I have tears of joy right along with you!!!!!

    Loving me some Monbo over here!!!

    This ppst just warms mynheart! I am soooooo glad you had Monbo crossed paths with Dr. Pam! Her belpved Tazzie is truly an inspirational gift to us all! And Dr. Pam continues to grace us all with her generosity of sharing her knowledge, her support and her time! Without question Tazzie continues to touch lives!!!

    Just ask Monbo if his life has been touched!!! Oh yeah! More time for loving and spoiling and treats and tummy rubs…YAAAAAAAAAY FOR MONBO!! You keep on rocking swwet boy!

    That video of TAZZIE…..OMD!!!! This has me grinning non stop! What a wonderful gentle soul! I love how Tazzie was determined to go lay on “her” patio, wagging the whole time!!

    This whole post has made my day! And seeing TWO Mastiffs…WOW!! Can’t stop smiling!!!!

    With appreciation for sharing yiur story AND acknowledging our wonderful Dr. Pam!!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah (Bull Mastiff), Merry Myrtle (Bull Mastiff) and Tripawd Frankie (coonhound)


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