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Tripawd Tuesday: In Honor of Heavenly Holly

The Tripawd Tuesday spotlight is our favorite opportunity to celebrate the heroes who walk among us today, and the angels who romp in the heavens above us. Holly is one of those angels.

Holly Beans
Tripawd Angel Holly

She and her mom Alex joined us in April 2012, when Holly was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

With her soulful eyes and her happy personality, Holly burst into the Tripawds community with contagious joy and a spunky attitude that made us all laugh and smile in the very short time she was with us.

It broke our hearts when Holly lost her battle less than three months after it began. Even more tragically, less than a week after she earned her wings, her pack brother Clyde was diagnosed with cancer too. We asked: how could nature be so mean? Everyone was shattered.

Tripawd angel Holly
Holly and Alex

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Day

Holly’s blog is a celebration of her life, but it’s also about coping with loss. In the midst of her grief, Alex gave some of the best advice we’ve ever seen in the blogs:

If you’re just starting on this path, one of my most important suggestions to you is to do that perfect day immediately.  Don’t wait until the end.  Enjoy it now while your pup is still feeling good, while there are no side effects from treatment, when you aren’t exhausted, and when you don’t feel like you’re racing the clock.  Walk away from Tripawds, from all of your googling, from reading all of the cancer books, and make your first priority having a perfect day with your dog.

Last week, were deeply touched to see that Alex returned to Holly’s blog, to honor her brave girl’s life, three years after she became an angel. To think of the community while coping with the aftermath of the struggles she overcame during the last three years speaks volumes about Alex’s very big heart and generous spirit. Holly’s spirit clearly made her Momma stronger than ever.

Tripawd Holly
Tribute to Holly

Today, let’s honor Holly’s unforgettable legacy by sending our gratitude to the heavens, to thank the heroes like Holly who touched us and made this community the wise, caring place that it’s become.

We miss you Holly.

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: In Honor of Heavenly Holly”

  1. Oh my gosh….this is just ripping my heart out. And her blog…what she has endured…….all I can do is shake my head in awe of this woman, her lrecious Holly and Clude, and her husband’s will to live…her love and devotion to all.

    Alex, your Sage advice is so spot on. Holly’s wisdom comes shining through every single word. She came here to be your teacher and she knew she had the lerfwect student in you.

    I’m so glad Jerry posted this today as I had not seen your blog. I am definitely going to respond on it a bit later. I need my tears to subside a bit first!

    Sending llve a d surrounding you with Holly’s eternal grace

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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