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Tripawd Tuesday: Murphy Beats Histiocytic Sarcoma Cancer

Each time we learn that a Tripawd cat or dog has beaten the pet cancer odds for an especially aggressive cancer like canine histiocytic sarcoma, we love to celebrate by spreading the good news! This is why today for Tripawd Tuesday we are spotlighting Murphy’s amazing victory over this cancer that has such a low survival times prognosis.

Murphy the tripawd diagnosed with histicytic sarcoma
Murphy says “Prognosis, schmognosis!”

In the Tripawds community, we’ve only known a handful of dogs who have gone on to thrive longer than the average survival times for this cancer. Barney B, a five year survivor is one, and now Murphy, who’s now two years past diagnosis and thriving. Here’s his story as told by his pawrents Donna and Glen.

Sometime during October 2012 Murphy started limping on his right front leg. After feeling it and checking it out I couldn’t find anything swollen and we passed it off as he probably strained it or something while running out the door with the other dogs chasing after squirrels or rabbits. After a couple of weeks I took him in to our vet who also couldn’t figure out if the pain was in his elbow or his shoulder so he prescribed some pain medications and sent us for an x-ray. The medication helped right away and allowed Murphy to walk and the radiologist said that his x-rays looked normal.

Murphy the tripawd diagnosed with histicytic sarcoma
Celebrating Christmas with his pack.

By Thanksgiving Murphy had finished his medication and had started limping again but worse than before. Now he would yelp when he went outside and didn’t want to eat or drink. We went back to our vet who reviewed the x-rays. He thought maybe he could see something at the elbow, but it wasn’t a very clear picture. He put Murphy back on the pain meds hoping it was just a strain, but said if it persisted we would need to think about going to Michigan State University and see an orthopedic specialist.

In January Murphy again finished his medications and again started yelping when walking. He wouldn’t put any weight on his front leg at all. It took 3 weeks to get an appointment at MSU, so back on the medicine he went.

Murphy the tripawd diagnosed with histicytic sarcoma
Loving life on three legs!

In February Murphy and I drove 1 1/2 hours to Lansing to meet with the orthopedic doctor. He really put Murphy through his paces! He palpated his leg, stretched it out, had him walk for him and Murphy never let out a sound. When he came back a little while later to review the x-rays with me I felt the floor drop out from under me – Cancer. That wasn’t on my radar. There was a tumor just above his elbow, the same spot our vet thought he saw something. He suspected osteosarcoma, so they did a biopsy to check, there was a small chance that it could be a bacterial or fungal infection.

It took almost 3 weeks to get the results from the biopsy, but then they were inconclusive. Murphy and I again took the drive out to Lansing and met with the orthopedic doctor to discuss our options. More x-rays showed that the tumor had grown and was eating away at the bone, he was actually surprised that the bone hadn’t already broken. With amputation and chemo we might be able to get 6 months with Murphy, without it, maybe a month or two. Murphy was only 7 years old and aside from his leg he was healthy & active, so we decided on surgery.

April 4, 2013 Murphy became a tripawd. His surgery went well and he came home the next day. It took 2 weeks but the final diagnoses was histiocytic sarcoma. It’s a very aggressive form of cancer, normally found in organs. With treatment, only about 50% live about a year and a half.

Murphy the tripawd diagnosed with histicytic sarcoma
Every day is a great day!

He had a total of 6 doses of CCNU (a form of chemo) each 3 weeks apart. He had to take Denamarin to help protect his liver and had to have blood work a week after each treatment. We were lucky that the oncologist treating him was actually someone who had done some research on histiocytic sarcoma. About a month after completing treatment they found another tumor, this one is on his left shoulder blade. They told us that we could try another type of chemo, but we decided not to put Murphy through any more. It’s been over a year since that tumor was found and it hasn’t grown at all and his lungs have remained clear. We go out every few months for x-rays just to check his lungs and the shoulder

So far it has been 23 months since Murphy became a Tripawd and he continues to amaze us every day! He loves to run around the back yard chasing squirrels and rabbits, dig under the wood pile for mice, bark at the other dogs, sit pretty for treats, jump on the furniture, run around in the snow or just lay in the sun. We treasure every day we have with him and spoil him just a little bit 🙂 Thanks to the site for all of the help and support!

Donna & Glenn Hansen

Murphy the tripawd diagnosed with histicytic sarcoma
Murphy says “Always Believe!”

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8 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Murphy Beats Histiocytic Sarcoma Cancer”

  1. Not sure if Murphy’s owner is still checking in, but hope he continues to do well! My Lucy was diagnosed with HS in Oct 2016, and was on CCNU until 3 weeks ago when a tumor returned in the original site (between the shoulder blades). Just wondering if CCNU was the only treatment that you used? We started with Adriamycin with negative side effects, so looking for other options.

  2. Wondering if I can talk with Murphy’s mom or dad or anyone else with a beloved dog with Histiocytic sarcoma. My sweet Buggs is scheduled for surgery in just three days. He has apparently Histiocytic sarcoma on the top of a paw and at this point the vets don’t think it is anywhere else. The plan is to remove the tumor and as much around it as possible and take the lymph node out above it. A needle aspirate from that node was negative for cancer but they explained a needle aspiration can miss cells so they will remove it and examine it further. They felt amputation was perhaps not necessary at this point but in reading about how aggressive this cancer is and its prognosis, I am having such anxiety thinking this is a one shot thing and maybe the planned surgery is not enough. This surgery will be $3,000 to $4,000 dollars which I gladly will come up with. But I also don’t want to put him through a second surgery a couple weeks later. Just so torn. Don’t want to have his leg amputated if it really is not necessary but don’t want to risk losing him either. Want him to have the best chance possible…Just need to talk to someone who has been there. Soon. Thanks. So need of help ASAP. Ellen

  3. 23 months… WOW! This is such Pawsome news! Murphy, you are an inspiration and you are absolutely beautiful.

    Every member of Tripawds is unquestionable in love with our furbabies, I would have to say my love, which I thought could not become any deeper, has exponentially grown since Sarge was DX with osteosarcoma. Every moment is cherished.

    Battle on Murphy! You are amazing.

    Sarge the Boxer Extraordinaire and his Mommy.

  4. Ohhhh Murphy, you made my day…and beyond!!! Grinning ear to ear over this post,!!!!!!

    And the lictures of you…you and your pack…ADORABLE!!!!! Whole lotta love and happiness in this family album!!!

    YAAAAAAAAAY FOR MURPHY!!!! Two years of victorious days…and .any more victorious years coming your way!!!

    I keep scrolling back up to look at these precious photos…and my grin gets bigger each time…if that’s even possible!!!

    Keep rocking Murphy! We want pictures of your upcoming TWO YEAR KICK BUTT CELEBRATION PAWTY!!! Steaks, ice cream, drive thru burger joints…yummy!! Let the pawty begin!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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