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Tripawd Tuesday: Koda the Miracle Puppy

Tripawds Nation, get ready to grab some tissues, Koda the Miracle Puppy has a Tripawd Tuesday story that will leave you crying tears of joy for the leap of faith that a very special group of people took in order to save his life. His Mom Chelsea tells more:

Koda, Chelsea and Zach
Meet Chelsea, Koda and Zachary

My name is Chelsea and my fiancé’s name is Zachary. We have a tripawd named Koda. He has his own Facebook page even. At 4-6 weeks of age, and 2 pounds, he was found on the side of the road by an animal rescuer.

Koda After Car Accident
Sweet stray puppy Koda after car accident.

It was obvious that he had been run over by a car and looked as though he had been thrown out of one as well. His pelvis and back right leg was completely shattered and his intestines were exposed. He was rushed to vet after vet before one would finally take him in.

They did emergency surgery on him to remove the leg, set the broken pelvis, and remove the injured bowel and small intestine. At this point, he was given a very slim chance of survival.

He was on life support, had supporters from around the country, and had made it onto local news and radio stations. I was still in the Pre-Veterinary program at Texas A&M University and had experience as a veterinary technician. A friend heard about his story and knew I was capable of keeping him alive and sent his story my way.

Koda the Tripawd puppy
Losing a leg doesn’t keep Koda down!

Of course, I fell in love immediately and sent in my adoption application within 30 minutes of seeing his picture. After weeks of intensive care at the vet, he was placed in my arms at a mere 2.5 pounds and I brought him home for good. He had been named “Tread” due to the nature of the accident, but I liked the name “Koda” much better. I was told he still may not make it, but promised that sweet boy that I wouldn’t let anything happen to him. A year and another surgery for his neuter and more repairs later, he’s doing great!

Koda the Tripawd Puppy is Irresistible

He has gone through intermediate training and is training to be a therapy dog so we can visit amputees in the hospital and he can run and jump better than most dogs with all four legs! His only issue right now are his horrible allergies, but he’s getting allergy testing in a few months. He’s gained over 40 pounds and has a heart of gold for people.

Tripawd Koda, Chelsea and Zach
Koda and his pack

He’s truly a miracle dog and a blessing.”

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Koda the Miracle Puppy”


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS DOG!! What an inspirational story. This little pup defines resilience and will to live!!! And now, because of you, Koda k n ows whatlove feels like and what joy and n happiness mean!!

    Koda has grown from an adorable puppy into a very handsome young boy…and still adorable!!!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. I do hope you’ll continue to update us on his journey…and with l ots of pics too! He’s so darn cute!!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle


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