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Tripawd Tuesday: Play On, Action Jackson!

It’s Tripawd Tuesday and if you want to start your day with a smile then hop up and down and chant



Let’s celebrate the miraculous journey of one amazing nine year old Tripawd who we’ve all come to know and love since he first joined us in December 2012. Recently Jackson and his Momma Katy celebrated his 15 month ampuversary. Jackson lost his leg to osteosarcoma so 15 months out is a huge deal! Katy writes:

Celebrating Jackson’s 15 month ampuversary today IS marvelous!!!!  (He did have an onco appointment, so that’s a crappy way for HIM, but alas it happened and he got rubs, kisses, and “whoot whoots!”)  But, it also comes with sadness.  Thinking of all who are across The Bridge and have left since Jackson’s amputation is heartbreaking.  How I hate this cancer.


Yes, he’s doing great!  We selected to NOT have xrays done.  At this point, it’s been a year since his last xrays.  I figure something most be there.  I mean, with how this cancer moves and what it does, something must be brewing.  No, no signs of anything.  His onco is SUPER excited and happy with how he’s doing.  She’s fine with keeping him on metronomic therapy another 6 months….if we’re lucky.  I just can’t get cocky or too complacent with his diagnosis.


As hard as it is to visit these forums and cry, it has become important to my psyche and coping with Jackson’s cancer.  I need to remain tied to all possibilities.  These possibilities remind me to never take a day for granted and to give Jackson the best day possible, followed by a bedtime hug, kiss, and a wish for “good puppy dreams.”  Every day he’s here is grand!  We love him tremendously and strive to make his days as good as possible! In the meantime: PLAY ON!  Jackson is living life large, with zest, and zoomies!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Tripawd Tuesday than to honor Jackson and Katy with a big “THREE PAWS UP!” Congratulations you two, thank you for all you do here to help others and contribute in so many ways even as you walk your own path through the cancer journey. You rock!

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Play On, Action Jackson!”



    This is the kind of victory we all hope for! this is the kind of dog who shows us how it’s done! This is the kind of mom who surrounds her boy…and us…with so much love and support you HAVE to feel good and strong!!
    Not nly is it amazing to see Jackson fit as a fiddle with the “health challenges” and the three-legged “thing”…but he’s a senior too! LOOK AT THAT BOY GO!!

    Keep on fetchon Jackson!! You are a marvel as is your mom! Must be a genetic thing gong on over there!

    Sending love and celebratory kisses! More ice cream over here to celebrate! Come on Katy…let the boy have one scoop of orga ic ice cream from a humanely cared for cow!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Awwww. We’re so honored! Thanks Tripawds for recognizing my pal and our fight. Moreover and MOST important: THANK YOU for being here. It’s a short sentiment that really is quite immeasurable. We love you!
    ~ Katy & Jackson


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