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Tripawd Tuesday: A Salute to Our Angels

On the eve of a new year, let us light a candle
in honor of every Tripawd angel whose spirit soars high in the heavens.


Whether they earned their angel wings this year or before,
Our Tripawd heroes will never be forgotten.

To all our friends with heavy hearts;
may the love of your sweet angel
carry you through the sadness you feel today
And lift your spirits in the coming year.

We hope the coming year is filled with love, peace and paw prints.
Have a beautiful 2014 everypawdy.


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8 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: A Salute to Our Angels”

  1. I’m just seeing this now…better late,then never! Thank you to my Tripawd family for all the support through the years with my Maggie. Love to you all and hoping you all have a great 2014!

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  2. A perfect remembrance for all those that are waiting for us. Thank you to Tripawds for making the way easier.

    Yes, Sally, I do get that “flip flop” feeling at times :-).

    Happy New Year to all the wonderful members of the Tripawd family and we will strive to make Michelle’s wish come true.

    Cheers to a better 2014!
    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  3. Beautiful Sally & Rene. I know as 2013 leaves my house I will never forget Sassy or the journey that we had been on or all the beautiful friendships that I have made over the past year. My wish for the next year is that we get a step closer to the cure for cancer or even find that cure. Many wishes for all the Tripawds & parents to have a great year. To all of us that have lost a family member furry or 2 legged may all those memories remain in your heart and make you smile.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. And ditto to every heartfelt word from Jerry.

    The souls of your beloved dogs and beloved kitties have touched us forever. The bond you have can never be broken.

    We hold each of you gently in our hearts. And ALWAYS remember, just as they took a piece of your heart with them, they left a piece of their heart with you. You know how so etimes your heart may sort’a ” add an extra little beat”…or kind’a “flip flop”? Yeah, that’s just them moving around in your heart to get a more comfy position!

    Surrounding you with the eternal grace of your loved ones,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    PS…Christine…in your case, that little “heart flutter” is just Frank n’ Farter passing gas!


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