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Hoppy Birthday to Me

Today on October 1, 1998, I came into this beautiful world in Eureka, California. What a long strange trip it was!

At the Beach in Santa Monica, CAFrom abandoned shelter puppy to a three-legged cheerleader for canine amputees everywhere, my journey took me to places I never dreamed of.

Each day was a new day, every moment one to be grateful for, and treasure with my people.  This is what I mean by “living in the Now.”

Living in the Now was my mission then, today, and always.

And I’ll keep on sharing it with all of you, by keeping the Tripawds Community alive and thriving.

So today, on my birthday, do me a favor OK? First, give your animals lots of hugs and pats from me. Take in the sweet smell of their fur, tell them that you love them. And while you’re at it, tell your human family that too!

Then, take this message in, and keep it in a safe place within your heart, so that when life gets ruff, you can stop, take a deep breath, and remember the importance of living in the Now.

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.

Right now.                                                                                     — anonymous


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9 thoughts on “Hoppy Birthday to Me”

  1. Happy Birthday Jerry! I can’t thank you enough for the legacy you left and blessed us with; of your journey as a tripawd. It has united so many of us, whom despite being strangers, are instantly bonded by our connection of love for our tripawds. You have given us hope and courage, and consoled us during times of worry and pain. Thank you so much for offering up your story and for creating this forum so that tripawds everywhere may continue to tell their personal stories and spread your story.

    Bruiser Bruno & Maricela

    • Woof! Thank you Bruno & Maricela. You know though, it’s stories like yours that make Triapwds what it is. Thank you so much for being here to share your own triumphs with us all, and future Tripawds pawrents, I know it means the world to them as well as this community.

  2. Yo Jerry,

    Mom sez that inspawrational quote made her cry……

    Happy Hippy Hoppy birthday! We celebrated with Angus and watermelon, ’cause ya know what? Its my birthday too! And Sistah Rosa Rae’s. Guess the doggie stork decided all the most pawesome dawgs get to be born on Oct. 1. I am so honored to share such a special day with you!

    Love ya big dawg!

  3. Oh paw shucks everypawdy! You are making my momma’s eyes all watery! Thank you. I think your Tripawds are pretty pawesome for keeping the Tripawds world going round and round. So Three Paws Up to all of YOU!

  4. Happy birthday Jerry. There will definitely be extra treats and cuddles tonight in your honour.

    The world is a much better place for having you in it. You have been an inspiration to thousands of people, Thank you. The love you and your mom and dad shared has helped so many people. We will be eternally grateful for the support you have given us and continue to give us.

    love,kisses and hugs

    Karen, Spirit Magnum and Ruby

  5. Happy birthday Jerry! We all celebrate all that you gave to this world and what you continue to give us all!

    Hugs, belly rubs and frosty paws to all tonight!

    And to your wonderful pawrents, thank you for sharing Jerry with us…his life and legacy have touched and helped us all!

    -Kori & Angel Lupe

  6. Happy Birthday Jerry. You are the mightiest tripawd of all!
    Because of you, so many have found their way through the tripawd journey. We have been given support, advice and encouragement. The community here is one that is so dear to us.
    We will always remember you and thank you for all you have done, and continue to do!
    I saved your photo as a reminder to stay strong and believe in the positive.
    Oh, and…… Hunter says HI!


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