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Chicken Soup for the Tripawd Lover’s Soul Gift Card Winner

Many thanks to everyone who entered our Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul Petco Giveaway Contest.

We received some great stories about how  kids have reacted when seeing a Tripawd for the first time.

Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray Dawg, who has an unusual ability to read English, is hoppy to announce the winner:

“A 3 year old little girl just meeting Einstein at a pet store commented that he hopped pretty well. She thoughtfully watched him for a minute and then announced “He should work at IHOP!”
– Beth Thomson

We all got a good laugh out of this one Beth, thanks for sharing it! We’ll send you the details about how to claim your Petco Gift Card today.

Many thanks to everpawdy else who took the time to submit their kid stories, which were all really terrific too! And now for everyone’s reading enjoyment, here they are:

“Ahh Mommy, you know why Max’s surgery was so bad? He had to have on Earth Day, why on Earth Day?? (This from my 6 yr old, I still don’t understand why she was so traumatized by the day. Lol)”
– Beth Small Brown

“One child asked me why I went to such an extreme to tell my two black labs apart!”
– Casey Gardner

“My faves so far: “Is that dog walking on three legs? Is that a trick?” And (from teenagers) “Why you cut your dog’s leg off? Was he bad?”
– Christina Ward

“In trying to explain to my 4 year old niece, I told her that Ruby got sick and had a boo boo on her foot, so she had surgery to feel better. In response, with a worried look on her face she asked “if I get a boo boo, they won’t take my leg too?!”
– Kim Collins

“I love my Tripawd Gotti Boy…he is just the biggest love…I’m so grateful everyday that he’s still with us.:)”
– Debbie Hoffman

“Can we get him a peg leg and make him a pirate dog?” via my best friend’s seven year old.
– Samantha Stolz

“Our 5yo neighbor boy asked, “Where did his leg go?” I explained it had cancer and had to be removed so he could feel better. Then the 5 year old said, “Can we get him another one?”LOL
– Debbie Hoffman

“While at a school funtion, a little girl approached Gidget, our 3 legged Min Pin, she looked at her for a while and the asked my wife, ” What did the doctor do with her leg when he took it off?” how do you explain that one? At the same function, a little boy said, “Mister do you know your dogs missing a leg?”
– Chad Zorger

“My friend brought her sons over one day to visit Tripp. They adored him so very much. Just then the 7 year old boy said “auntie Sam, can we get Tripp a peg leg and make him a pirate dog?”
– Samantha Stolz

“When Chico went to school to R.E.A.D. with the kids…one of the little ones asked “when will his leg grow back?”
– Stephanie

“So just recently my 11 year old Rottweiler was diagnosed with Radial Osteosarcoma. Being an Animal Health Technologist, I had no issues with amputation and knew that it was the best option for pain control. However how to explain to my 4 year old daughter what we were doing was challenging. So the night prior to him becoming an official Tripawd, we told her that he had a cancer in his leg that was making him sick and that we needed to take it off to help him get better. She looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked “Well Mommy when will you put it back on?” Too funny!”
– Dana McGowan

“We took some dogs to an elementary school, where a 5th grade class was doing a fundraiser for our greyhound adoption group. Among the dogs we took was Whitey, our 11.5-yr-old tripawd (who we sadly lost just 5 days ago today). He sat on his pillow in the classroom surrounded by kids fawning over him. They thought he was the cutest and the sweetest and the best.

They all asked whether we had any 3-legged dogs available for adoption, and were disappointed when I said we did not. One girl said, “Why would anyone want a 4-legged dog when they could have one like Whitey??” We will never forget our brave little boy.”
– Jennifer Komatsu

“The kids Trouble has been around don’t even notice she’s missing a leg!”
– Shanna Bozeman Alspaugh

“Not hilarious, but we hear it all the time… “Look! That doggie only has one leg!”
– Emily Beu

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