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How My Pawrents Started Living Again, Part 2

Jerry with his pack workamping at Vickers ranch Ten months have passed since I left this earth. Every human has different ideas about what they consider “enough” time to grieve before bringing a new companion into their lives. For my own pawrents, they didn’t have any ideas about how long that would be for them.

As time went on, I tried to tell my pawrents that it was OK for them to want to share their life with another dog. And that dog didn’t even have to be a Tripawd, I just wanted them to be happy, to once again feel the joy at sharing life’s great wonders as a pack.

Throughout our travels together, we sought far and wide for land where I could live out my final days. Though I didn’t make it there with them, they did finally find my perfect resting place. Having made a vow to wait until they found our new mountain home, they now wondered if they were perhaps ready to open their hearts and welcome a new member to the pack.

Martha Ralph Codie Rae Smokey and Wyatt RayIn July, my friend Codie Rae’s pawrents, Martha and Ralph, posted this announcement about a young pup named Wyatt, who had just been rescued by some very kind people. Being just a little partial towards Shepherds, Wyatt’s big ears, deep eyes and handsome mugshot caught the attention of my pawrents.

“Did you see that Rescue Forums post that Codie Rae put up on the site?” my Dad said to Mom.

“He’s gorgeous!” Mom said.

Mom and Martha were soon on the phone talking about Wyatt. Mom wanted to learn more. Why was he a Tripawd? What was he like? Did he have any issues?

Seems that Wyatt is a well-bred Shepherd puppy who spent the first few months of his life tethered to a rope, in a backyard in Oakland, California. He was underfed and neglected by stupid humans that likely paid a lot of money for him, probably because they just wanted a guard dog. One day his cruel owners went outside and saw that Wyatt’s leg was tangled up in the rope for who knows how long. They took him to the vet to fix his leg, but it was beyond help. When the vet recommended amputation, the owners said forget it; euthanize him. They didn’t want a three legged Shepherd.

A kind vet tech at the clinic named Lucie said “No way!” She knew that Wyatt was destined for greater things, so she took him home, and called the good people at German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California for help. The group paid for Wyatt’s leg amputation, his post-op care, and all of the things necessary to help him get ready to find a loving home.

This group is the same one which helped save my friend Codie Rae from the exact same situation last year. In fact, Codie Rae was 8 months old at the time they found her, and she’s even from the same neighborhood! Her pawrents Martha and Ralph are active volunteers for the group, and that’s how they found out about Wyatt.

Jim meets Wyatt Ray DawgFinding out about Wyatt was such perfect timing; it seemed like the universe was conspiring to put him and my pawrents together.

See, last November when Mom and Dad met Codie Rae for the first time, it was only about a month after my passing. Mom and Dad were so heavy in mourning, that they just couldn’t imagine being able to bring another dog into their lives. Today, ten months later, it seemed only fitting that Codie Rae and her pawrents introduce them to the next great love of their lives; my legacy, Wyatt Ray Dawg.

Leg-a-cy. Get it?! 🙂

Last week, Mom and Dad went out to Northern California to get their stuff out of storage. Along the way, they made a stop in Oakland, to meet this very special Tripawd! Yes, it was puppy love at first sight. Wyatt made the three day journey back to Jerry’s Acres, and appears to be loving his new life.

Wyatt Ray Dawg at home in the Rocky MountainsAnd as my pawrents begin their new chapter in Colorado, Wyatt will be there alongside them to share all the joys that life has to offer. And, he’ll continue showing the world that “It’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four!” I’ll be watching over the pack as their travels continue.

Stay tuned for more details about our new Tripawds spokesdog, and read more about Wyatt on his Tripawds blog, Way to Go, Wyatt!

Did you know you can now sign up for your own free Tripawds blog? More big announcements about that coming up soon!

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20 thoughts on “How My Pawrents Started Living Again, Part 2”

  1. Wyatt,
    Here i set with tears in my eyes at such a Great Life you will have
    with such loving parents.

    My daugther got a dog that had been treated like you had in your past live,
    He was the love of her life for the 11 great years he had with her.

  2. I am thrilled beyond words for you all. Once you’ve loved a being like Jerry Dawg, how can you not open your arms and hearts to keep the “leg”acy going (loved that pun). Wyatt Ray Dawg–welcome to heaven on earth!

  3. Congratulations Wyatt! It’s great that you’ve found your forever home with Jim & Rene’. They are the best pawrents and we know they will spoil you. Just think, you have new pawrents, a home in doggie paradise and all the Love you’ll ever need.

    Welcome to Tripawds Wyatt!!!

  4. Wyatt you won the lottery!!!! You are in for a life of adventure and unconditional love! No Tripawd could ask for more. You cant argue with fate! Congratulations!

  5. Ok, so when do I get to meet my new nephew???? Bree and Celtie want to meet their handsome new cousin!! I’m so glad you guys found you some new puppy love. Wyatt is absolutely gorgeous, you shepard suckers!! Just couldn’t pass up that pretty face could you??

    We are all very happy for you guys, Wyatt welcome to the family and all our love to you three, roooooooooo rooooooo from Bree, snort from Celtie (she hates everybody ya know) and hugs and kisses from Aunt Susan.

    p.s. give Wyatt a cookie for me, there’s a big ole’ bone here with his name on it. Oh yeah and the cat says “Whatever!!”

  6. Wow you guys, thank you for the good wishes, you’re so sweet. We feel so fortunate to have met this awesome pup. He’s got a lot of learning to do, but that’s all part of the fun of making him a part of our lives. He’s a real hoot!

  7. oh wow! wyatt is gorgeous! he is a super lucky guy to have the BEST pawrents a critter could ask for! it’s like a rags to riches story, he hit the jackpot! 🙂

    i am so happy to know that there are such wonderful people out there who took care of him so well that the universe was able to bring you all together.

    i know he will be just a special as jerry.
    much love to you guys!

  8. Wyatt, DUDE! Let me tell you, you couldn’t have two more loving pawrents now than those two nuts who adopted you. You went from misery and neglect to the total opposite, son! CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the family 🙂


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