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Our Sami Gurl, the 14 year old Senior Tripawd

The following post was generously written by Tripawd pawrent Stephen Zurek.

Senior bone cancer hero dog SamiWe would like to start off by saying thank you to Tripawds, for being such a great source of support and information for us. We are so grateful. All of you guys have really helped us through this! Your posting about The Top Five Questions About Amputation And Coping with Bone Cancer is going to help a lot of folks with this tough decision.

We are so grateful our Sami gurl is still here At the ripe old age of 14, she is going on 11 months as a tripawd and still hanging in there. When we first took her to the vet because of a limp last year, the last thing we were expecting to hear was bone cancer. It hit us like a brick and we thought it was time to say goodbye to our baby. After we got over the initial shock, the vet recommended that we amputate.

 Ask yourself, “is my dog strong/healthy/spirited enough to endure an operation like this?

She is a strong girl both physically and spiritually, but with her age and everything she’s been through, we were afraid it would be too much for her. But we wanted to do anything and everything we could to save her and to give her the best chance possible. The Dr. felt she would be able to handle it. And handle it she did!

It has been almost a year now, knock on wood, and Sami is still wagging that tail. Her appetite won’t quit! Sometimes I wonder if she is sizing us up for a late night snack…hmmmm…the stares, licking her chops, maybe…

Senior bone cancer hero dog SamiShe had a few scary moments in surgery but pulled through. The healing time was hard on all of us. Sami wanted to run and explore…but we had to block her in so she would relax and heal. With all of her energy, blocking her in the living room was probably the worst  punishment a lab could ever endure! Before long, she was walking again with our help. A couple of weeks of touch and go, and she was walking on her own again!

Now we are taking walks together and enjoying small pieces of our old ways. To have her with us for these past 11 months has been a blessing. We know that our time together is limited, so I get a hug in whenever I can. I’m grateful for the chance to spoil her with love and to truly appreciate my sweetheart that has taken care of me for the past 11 years.

Senior bone cancer hero dog Sami and Dad StephenOur hearts go out to everyone / every dog going through this. We hope our sweet old Sami gurl at the age of 14 can be a source of hope and inspiration for those of you with senior dogs battling this disease. No matter what, don’t give up! ~Stephen

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12 thoughts on “Our Sami Gurl, the 14 year old Senior Tripawd”

  1. My 121/2 year old Boxer “Baby” had amputation 8 days ago. She was doing well until 3 days ago. she now just howls with pain unless given pain meds every 4 hours.Vet just put her on Gabapentin.He seems to thing she shouldn’t be in pain.Help!! She had no pain before surgery

    • Anthony, we are so sorry to hear about Baby’s difficulties. We aren’t sure what it could be, but do keep in mind that 8 days isn’t a lot of time. Maybe she recently overdid it by playing too hard? Please visit our Tripawd Forums where you can register and post your question to other tripawd pawrents who can offer a world of advice and help. Good luck!

    • oh i am so sorry to hear that Baby is in pain. like jerry says, 8 days isn’t a lot of time.
      sami whined for awhile in the beginning, she was very uncomfortable for sure but over time she felt better and was able to live a full wonderful healthy life for a year and a half after her surgery.
      sadly she passed away in this May at the age of 15. we miss her terribly but without the surgery she wouldn’t have made it that far.

      best wishes to you and Baby, i know you will find great comfort, support and advice from the wonderful pawrents here on tripawds.

  2. Sami, you were an inspiration for us when deciding what to do for our 12 1/2 year old chocolate lab, Marley. She had amputation surgery on February 9th. Here it is less than two weeks later and she’s hopping all around the house on her own – no more sling! In fact, she was ready to hop around by herself only a few days after surgery, but we just extra careful… It is amazing how they adapt! Unfortunately Marley has Histiocytic Sarcoma, so the prognosis is not great, but at least she is no longer in pain! It’s all about quality time…
    Wishing you the best. Thanks for sharing your story!!!
    Holly and Marley

    • Holly & Marley,
      I am so happy to know that Sami’s story helped you guys, she continues to amaze me everyday! That’s so great to hear that Marley is recovering so well from the surgery. If she is like our Samigurl, she will have you guys running to catch up with her! Sometimes I can’t believe how fast Sami can get around!

      I am sorry to hear about the HIstiocytic Sarcoma but you are so right, it is about quality of time. You guys have given her that beautiful gift.
      You guys are in our hearts forever, like every tripawd & their pawrents.

      warmest wishes,
      michelle, stephen & samigurrrl 🙂

  3. What a wonderful encourgement Sami is to Tripawds and their pawrents everywhere! May her good health continue for years to come! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sami gurl is so beautiful!!!
    Love, Joy, Peace, di

  4. we are so honored to be able to share sami’s story on here. thank you guys for posting this & thank you for the sweet comments on our baby gurrrl!
    all of you tripawds & pawrents are in our hearts forever.

    slobbery smoochies,
    michelle, stephen & samigurrrl 🙂

  5. Jake is also a mighty senior tripawd at 12 and a half (had his amp surgery Oct 14th). He just never ceases to amaze me every single day. Sami gurl is a strong and beautiful inspiration to us all! I love that bottom pic… could she have a more content face?! How sweet!

  6. Hi Stephen & Sami Gurl! What great news it is to hear that Sami Gurl is doing so well after her amputation and at her age! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Your friends, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)


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