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Another way to help spread the word.

three legged dog tripawd awareness ribbonTripawds discussion forum member Borzoid created this beautiful tribute ribbon promoting tripawd awareness. We just had to share it with you, and we hope you’ll share it with others.

If you have a website or blog, please feel free to use these image as a link to our three legged dog blog or discussion forums.

Or, better yet … help us promote awareness of tripawds living happy healthy lives at your vet’s office, doggy day care, or local animal shelter.

Simply download and print these tripawd awareness fliers then clip apart the contact info so people can tear off the website address and take it with them.

tripawd awareness ribbonWe offer this in our continuing efforts to promote awareness of cancer in dogs and amputation as a solution for continued health and well being. And we thank Borzoid for helping!

Don’t forget about these other fliers and cards available to share with people who tell you, “Awwww, poor dog…” when out on your walks.

12 thoughts on “Another way to help spread the word.”

  1. Oh Man, my mom says she wants to buy Ribbons also to wear and share. What about car magnets? She would put them all over our car! =) But we will use the ribbons on our facebook pages! Yippee, since I make everything all about me…3/3 will also be my day now!

    • Not sure what you mean by resurrecting… the images are above and can be downloaded. Or, right click to get the image file location and use that to embed the image wherever you like.

  2. I just took Calpurnia in for her 2-week post op checkup for her lar par tie-back surgery (she is OFFICIALLY the most expensive thing we own). When we walked in, all four vets and about 6 techs came out to see her and were so excited to meet “Calpurnia from Jerry’s website”. It was really a sweet suprise – they have been keeping up with the site since Cali had her leg amputated last year!! The vets said they have referred many people to the site, and one of the former techs who was there for Cali’s surgery even met Jerry at her new office when he was through the Denver area this fall.

    The message is getting out, Jerry!! Everyone loves you!!


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