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How am I doing today?

The other day, when my people were gonna take me to the local vet, I was feeling so good that we decided to just go enjoy life instead.

Fun with sticks at Grand Teton National Park

We went to check out more of Grand Teton National Park and took lots of pictures. I even played a bit and chewed on some sticks.

But boy did that tire me out!

When we got back, I had fun catching popcorn with gusto and gulping it down … All this from a dog who, a few weeks ago, wouldn’t eat a thing.

Birthday cake for ten year old cancer dog Jerry
Today? Eh, not feeling so hot. Maybe I’m just hungover from my birthday party last night. Such is life on the emotional roller coaster that is cancer in dogs.

But what does that matter when every day is a great day?

We’re off to Yellowstone Park now. Maybe we’ll run into Yogi Bear and go find us some pic-a-nic baskets.

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10 thoughts on “How am I doing today?”

  1. Hi Jerr, glad to hear you had such a fun day. We love the pic with your Barney toys & carrot cake… mmm… I can just picture myself chewing… on your Barney toys… hiehiehie… We love you lots! Lotsa love and lotsa licks, Dee xxx

  2. What a great photo! I know I’d sure rather be out there than in the vet’s office–you made the right decision (even if you are a little hungover today)! =)

    Have a great day in Yellowstone!

  3. Jerry,

    Absolutely love that photo of you and your pawrents with the mountains in the background and you pulling on that stick! Wow, what a great picture! Just made my day!

    Also, liked that photo with the cake, looks yummy! You just keep on partying! I think you all made the right decision to cancel the vet’s appointment and go enjoy the great outdoors! That’s the best medicine of all!

    And, hey, what about that video with the popcorn! Awesome! Just loved watching it!

    Your buddies in Orlando, Florida,

    Sandra and the “Gang”

  4. Jerry, so you overdid it on your birthday a little bit, eh? I’m glad you had fun and it’s very rewarding to see you are doing so well. I love the video and just had to go to to leave a comment and add it to my burgeoning playlist named: jerrygdawg. We love you so much Jerry, you really know how to ham it up for the cameras. Love, Blazer & Mom (Vicki)

  5. So glad you had a wonderful birthday my friend! Keep eating for your mom and dad and have fun at the park today. We love you Jerry!!!!
    Cathy and Cody


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