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Stop the Presses: I’m Feeling Pretty Good Today!

Bone Cancer Dog Jerry Outlives Vet PrognosisEveryone, thank you so much. We can’t tell you how overwhelmed we are with all of the loving thoughts you’re sending our way.

Your prayers are working. Last night, my pawrents realized that I hadn’t coughed or hacked in hours. My breathing looked much better too, and I even played with some toys!

Maybe the prednisone kicked in, because this morning I woke up and sounded good, and am even moving around a little better. Dr. Mullins says that sometimes things can change that quickly.

She says, “The important part is to keep the big picture in mind:  overall, is he having more good days than bad?  Does he still have that sparkle in his eye?”

The answer today, is “Yes!” I just wanted everyone to know that I’m hanging in there, and still loving life. Today we’re gonna go drive around and see the Grand Tetons!

My pawrents have lined up an appointment here in Jackson, with a vet who specializes in cancer treatment. We’ll go see her tomorrow, just to chat. We’ll be here a few days, and not knowing if my condition will improve or worsen, Mom and Dad think it’s best to be prepared, just in case.

This cancer thing sure is an emotional roller coaster. One day you’re up, the next you might be down again. But thanks to the love and support of our Tripawds community here, you guys are all making that ride much smoother. Thank you so much.



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16 thoughts on “Stop the Presses: I’m Feeling Pretty Good Today!”

  1. Jerry,
    Please hang in there.
    I know what you are going through. I have my ups and downs as well.
    Our parents really love us though, and that is the most important thing in the world.

  2. Hi Jerry, I am sending you good wishes and lots of love from South Africa. I am sorry for not visiting so often – mommy has been realy busy. You are always in our prayers, buddy! Lots of love and lots of super-dooper-licks, Your pal, Dee xxx

  3. Hi Jerry,

    What great news that you are feeling better today! I’ll bet that the prednisone has kicked in big time and that is why you are feeling better, not to mention the multitude of good vibes, thoughts, and prayers that have headed your way.

    You know, my maternal grandmother had a lung disease that took her life, but in the end, when she could barely breath, they put her on prednisone. She was 84 at the time, and this was a miracle drug! In less than a day, she went from barely being able to breathe or walk from one side of the room to the other, to saying to us, “Let’s go shopping!” And, she did! This drug kept her going far longer than any doctor had predicted. She was also a fighter, so with this combination, instead of lasting another few days to a week, as the doctors had predicted, she lasted another five months. So, I hope that this is the case with you, that you get as much benefit from the same drug that my grandmother did and that it gives you some good quality time with your pawrents in the weeks and months to come.

    It’s also great that your pawrents have found a vet in Jackson, just as a back up to have just in case you might need some help. I’m sure that after they find out what a “celebrity” you are and how many people you have helped, that they will be even more eager to help you than ever.

    Everyone is pulling for you, Jerry, and your pawrents. We want to see some new photos of you in the Tetons! Keep those pictures coming! Thanks for the update!


    Burghard Shepherds
    Lake Mary, Florida

  4. Dear Uncle Jerry

    My girlfriends didn’t understand why I wouldn’t play with them and sniff their butts at the dog park yesterday. I told them why and we had a group “sniff the wind” for you.


  5. Dear Jerry,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. You are such an inspiration to so many.
    Debbie, Fly & Kimber
    and my newest Angel Jerry Lee, along with Bone Cancer Dog Angel Trouble, Angels Sheba & Princess

  6. The lesson is….live in the here and now…with heart wide open. Each moment is precious. The aspens turning, a dog’s small sigh in sleep, the warmth of the sun on your face. What else matters.

    All our love,
    Codie Rae and Martha

  7. Oh my gosh, this new news is so good to hear. I’m glad all of our prayers are working for Jerry, the Spokesdog Extraordinaire! It’s also heartwarming to hear that Jerry still has that “sparkle in his eye” even if he’s not nearly as active as he once was. I’ll sleep better tonight after reading this. Love, Vicki T, Blazer & Kitty Kimber

  8. Mom and I prayed for you together last night. Momma held my paw in her hands and we prayed together. We are so happy you are feeling a little better. We are going to keep the positive thoughts flowing to you Jerry.
    Titan and mom

  9. It is an emotional roller coaster, indeed, and it takes courage! It also teaches us to be so thankful for small things–it teaches us grace.

    This is the most beautiful time of year up there by Yellowstone! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  10. I hope you are enjoying the Tetons – a beautiful corner of the country! Jerry – Cali sends you some of her wind. Breath easy, old friend.


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