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Tribute to Drake: A Tripawd Rescue Dog’s Story

Three Legged Dog Drake and AbbyPound puppies get an extra chance at life when a good person like you takes them home for a chance at another, better life.

And when a pound puppy has a physical challenge, yet still gets adopted, well that’s extra special!

Our friend Beverly wrote to us, to tell us about her miracle Tripawd dog, Drake. Although he passed away recently, his beautiful life story is one that will leave a pawprint on your heart forever.

Here’s Drake’s story, in Janel’s words:

“We got Drake from Central Indiana Lab Rescue (he really wasn’t a lab however). They had a Lab that no one would adopt. Even though we already had two dogs, Sophie and Abby, we thought, “we can do this.” So we took Drake in, and that was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Drake was six months old and they think he was hit by a car. He had drug his mangled leg for days before someone picked him up. Poor Drake spent three weeks at Purdue University, had his leg removed and was neutered. He also got treated for kennel cough.

Three Legged Dog DrakeDrake was fostered by a vet tech in Lafayette Indiana. The day we went to see him, the poor lady was so sad, that I told her we did not need to take Drake from her. But she said this way she could help another dog.

We have an invisible fence system in our yard, and once Drake learned the boundaries, he never went out of the yard. However he could break out of any and all crates. He could open doors too, and friends and family started called him “Whodeenie” or “Tripod.”

We have a big hole in the wall where Drake would jump down the stairs, to make the turn on the stairway, hit the wall and continue on down the steps.

About two weeks ago, I went out to work in the yard. I only had two dogs at my heels (Sophie and Gabby). I called for Drake, and the poor guy came to me, pulling his body with just his front legs. I had noticed that the last few days, he was laying around more than normal for him. I took him to the vet, and he had nothing left of his hip. The ball and socked more or less disintegrated. The hip over the last six years just worn out. Maybe it was because of the wreck or whatever happened to poor Drake when he was a puppy.

We lost him just over two weeks ago. Our other Lab is lost without him. Our one year old Schnoodle has finally stopped looking for him.

We miss Drake so much. I can only wish that everyone would live life as Drake did. He lived every day to its fullest, was happy every day and brought such joy to our home. Drake was loved by all.”

Three Legged Dog Drake

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12 thoughts on “Tribute to Drake: A Tripawd Rescue Dog’s Story”

  1. “Until one has loved an animal, a
    part of one’s soul remains
    unawakened.” Anatole France
    Drake’s story has touched so many…. I got this today
    Thanks for everyones kind words

    • This story has given my soul a lift….thank you so much.

      Animals are so special to so many of us. They are not only our family, they are our mates, our souls are mixed in so many ways. The loss of ones loved one is a hard thng to go through.
      God Bless You Both.

      Sue Ann

  2. Hi Rose, did you see our story about Codie Rae, the 3-legged shepherd from Oakland?

    We hope your pup finds a good home. Send us some photos if you’d like, and we will blog about him.

  3. I am fostering a 9month German Shepherd dog from a Wonderfull rescue called Westside German Shepherd rescue in Los Angeles, Calif. They found him in a high kill shelter and took him to the Vet, but his leg could not be saved. I took him in so he could heel in my home instead of a kennel. He is everything you would want in a German Shep. Smart, protective, loving, and very obediant , He has no idea he only has 3 legs

  4. “Live every day as if it is your LAST chance to make someone happy!”

    What I have learned from Drake, Sophie, Gabby and Abby….
    thanks for all the kind notes

  5. I’ve been aware of Drake’s story from the time Janel got him to the day he died. I heard the horrors of the little guy who was determined to live despite his horrific injury. Fortunately, I had the good fortune to see Drake in action, when he was still a puppy, while visiting my sister who lives next door to Janel.
    Drake was amazing and, in his own little doggie way, a splendid teacher to all of us. He simply had the attitude, “So I had a rough beginning; doesn’t mean the here and now has to be rough.” I watched him play in the backyard spinning and racing around with full vigor and seeking no sympathy for anyone. I think he truly packed more living into his short years than many people do who have long lives. Blessings on Janel for opening her heart to Drake and in the end having the courage to say goodbye at the right time. I’m sure it was exactly the way Drake would have chosen, and yes, in his own after life he is running full throttle, glancing back to look for Janel and his other friends.

  6. We knew and loved Drake, too! He was a wonderful dog, and incredible fortunate to be adopted by Tammy, Janel, and his canine siblings!

  7. Drake is romping across the Rainbow Bridge to be with the others that have gone before us. I’m so sorry for your loss…he will always be there in your heart. My white cat “Frankie” (13 1/2 yrs. old) went & joined Drake on Tuesday…kidney failure. I had Frank from 5-6wks of age…a stray of course.

  8. Oh what a wonderful story! It’s so good to hear that Drake was given such a wonderful home after all his troubles!

    I’m sorry for your loss!

  9. I had the good fortune to know Drake, and got to help raise Drake’s sister, Sophie for awhile. Drake was awesome – I know that Janel and her family and canine siblings all miss him terribly. Thank you for giving Drake a wonderful life!

  10. Yes, it does bring a tear. No dog could have had a better home. We loved him,
    too, Janel.
    Nice tribute to him. Sophie and Gabby would approved.


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