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Last Call to Join Team Tripawds on 5/7 Cure Canine Cancer Walk

Team Tripawds is in the final stretches of recruitment for the Morris Animal Foundation Walk to Cure Canine Cancer, next Saturday, May 7 in Elk Grove, Northern California.

Walk with us!

Whether you walk in pawson or in spirit from the comfort of your home, you can rest assured knowing that the hard-earned money you gave to the  Cure Canine Cancer Walk will go toward funding the work of oldest and most respected animal health research organizations in the world, the Morris Animal Foundation.

Our goal is to raise $500 and we’re almost there. We just need $155 to reach it!

Learn why we support Morris Animal Foundation. We’re sure you’ll agree that they’re pawesome.

Show Your Team Pride

And remember, there’s a whole new line of Team Tripawds gear to wear on the big day!

Join Team Tripawds today!

Join Team Tripawds and Morris Animal Foundation on May 7

Come one, come all! In just a few weeks, Team Tripawds is once again kickin’ cancer’s butt at the Morris Animal Foundation Walk to Cure Canine Cancer, in Elk Grove, Northern California.

Northern California Team TripawdsJoin us on Saturday, May 7, 2011

Funds raised at the Cure Canine Cancer Walks go toward funding the work of oldest and most respected animal health research organizations in the world, the Morris Animal Foundation.

We’ve got three team members now and we would love to have more members walk with us. Our goal is to raise $500 and we’re not there yet, so sign up today.

Why We Support Morris

We wholeheartedly support Morris Animal Foundation because of the huge impact their Cure Canine Cancer Campaign has had on the lives of our beloved dogs.

Since 1948, Morris has funded over 148 succesful canine cancer studies, such as;

  • Research that showed how bone cancer spreads
  • Ways to custom tailor chemotherapy
  • How chemo resistant cancer cells behave

The Morris Canine Cancer Walks help raise money so Morris can continue these breakthrough discoveries.

Join us in Elk Grove, or at Home in Your PJs!

This walk will take place in Elk Grove, near Sacramento. Anybody is welcome to join our team on-site, but remember you can also walk virtually from the comfort of your own home.

The walks are always so much fun! For our last team effort, Nicole, Chloe’s Mom, designed this fantastic shirt for everyone.

Team Tripawds has participated in every walk since they began a couple of years ago, and we would sincerely appreciate any kind of support you can give toward this effort.

Let’s make this year’s Northern California walk bigger and better than ever so we can reach our goal of curing canine cancer for good!

Join Team Tripawds today!

Tripawd Talk Radio: Ask an Oncologist This Saturday

As we mentioned here in our Tripawd Talk Radio discussion, we’re having renowned veterinary oncologist Dr. Johnny Chretin of VCA West Los Angeles as our special guest this Saturday:

VCA L.A. Oncology Vet Dept. StaffDate: Saturday, 02/26/2011
Time: 3:30 Pacific / 6:30 Eastern
Length: 30 min

Call-in Number: (310) 388-9739

Dr. Chretin will be taking your calls about the presentation and diagnosis of bone cancer in dogs and the various treatment protocols available.

We’ll also talk about the innovative bone marrow transplant program Dr. Chretin is leading, for dogs battling lymphoma.

Ask Your Questions Ahead of Time

Please post your questions for Dr. Chretin before Saturday, here in the Forums.

About Dr. Chretin

Dr. Chretin received his DVM from Colorado State University and completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at North Carolina State University. Johnny then completed a 3 year residency in Oncology at Tufts University in 2002 prior to joining VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. His interests are in novel chemotherapeutics and strategies to minimize their toxicities. In addition, Dr. Chretin is heading up VCA West Los Angeles’ bone marrow transplant program for dogs which began treating patients last July.

Remember, ask your questions here in the Forums and we’ll be sure to ask the good doctor during Tripawd Talk Radio, this Saturday at 3:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pEastern.

Disclaimer: Information provided at Tripawd Talk Radio and is not a substitute for medical care by your personally selected, qualified veterinary professional. Always seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian prior to making any medical decisions or undergoing treatments or therapies, or if you have questions about your dog’s health. We advise against any medical decisions made without the direct involvement of your veterinary team. is a project of Agreda Communications, which is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by the information available at Tripawd Talk Radio or

Tripawds Grief Support Resources

It doesn’t matter how long we prepare for the inevitable. Losing our animal family members is painful and devastating.

Sadly, all of us experience it at some point, but we don’t have to go though it alone.

Tripawds will always be a place to turn to to share the good times and sad ones, to celebrate and to reminisce.

When you need more information to turn to for comfort and help, here are some ideas. Be sure to check the Grief Support tips on our Resources Page too.

We’ll update this regularly. If you have any good resources to share, please let us know in the comments section below.

Tripawds Discussion Forum: Coping with Loss

Question Yourself to Prepare for Loss
Tripawds Founder Jerry asks, “Which would be worse: the pain of missing your pet or to watch his condition deteriorate?”

Thoughts on Grief
Spirit Indi’s Mom shares her method for coping with loss; “The work is to find the balance and be at peace with the empty space. Don’t try to fill it up, hard as it might be. Because it is what it is. It is what it is, says love.”

Anticipatory Grief: Trying to Cope with the Impending Loss of Tshuvah
Tripawd Mom Beth wonders how she will cope with the loss of her beloved Tshuvah, who was just diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.

On Deciding to Say Goodbye and How to Know When “It’s Time”
As Henri’s condition deteriorates, his Mom wonders, “Why after all of this, am I second guessing myself, feeling guilt, questioning whether it is the right time etc? I guess part of me believes he will get better, but I think I know what the truth is.”

How to Decide About at Home Euthanasia
A healthy discussion that anyone facing end of life decisions for their dog should hear.

Inspawrational Quotes
Quotes to inspire and bring peace to broken hearts.

Jerry’s Story: Coping with the Inevitable

Jerry lived with osteosarcoma for 24 months. Toward the end of his time on earth, he and his pawrents chronicled the emotional rollercoaster they rode.

Buying Time on an Emotional Budget
May 19, 2008: When it comes to cancer treatment, it’s not about what things cost. It’s about maximizing quality of life and preparing for the inevitable.

Acknowledge There is Nothing to Lose
August 24th 2008: Jerry ponders Steve Jobs’ quote, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”

What to Expect Next. . .
September 17, 2008: Jerry talks about the progression of osteosarcoma lung metastasis in his body, and maintaining a pawsitive but realistic outlook.

Saying Goodbye: How We Knew (part 1)
November 1, 2008: Spirit Jerry says “I’ve always tried to be upfront about my cancer, so in the next two blog posts, my pawrents and I feel strong enough to share the details of our last hours together.”

Canine Cancer Anticipatory Grief Coping Guide

Free Companion Animal Grief Support Counseling

The Argus Institute
The Argus Institute is staffed with professional clinical counselors who give free information and emotional support to pawrents facing hard decisions surrounding their animal’s health care.

Tufts University: Pet Loss Support Hotline
Tufts veterinary students work alongside trained psychologists to help provide one-on-one counseling with grieving pet pawrents. There is no formula or time limit. Staff members listen, realizing that no two callers or situations are alike.

ASPCA Pet Loss Support Hotline: (877) 474-3310

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine Pet Loss Support Hotline : (517) 432-2696. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Eastern time)

Cornell University Pet Loss Support Hotline: (607) 253-3932
6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday -Thursday evenings (Eastern time)

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine “C.A.R.E. Pet Loss Support Hotline”: (877) 394-2273

University of Florida Pet Loss Support hotline: (352) 392-2235
Leave a message and someone will call you back within 24 hours weekdays; weekend calls are returned on Monday.

Hospice Care Resources

The Animal Healing Project presents organizations, articles and resources for home hospice care for companion animals.

Home Care Tips for Your Terminal Pet, by Alice E. Villalobos, D.V.M., VCA Coast Animal Hospital and Cancer Center, California.

The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets shares pet loss support and resources.

Pet Loss Support Page teaches us how to define “quality of life” for an animal.

Grief Support Books

The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers” was the most powerful tool my pawrents found to help them cope with the emotional toll that cancer took on our pack.

For Every Dog an Angel Celebrates the Bond between humans and their beloved canine companions.

How to ROAR and Recover from Pet Loss is a step-by-step guide to recover from the loss of your best friend.

Children and Pet Loss

Tips for Responding to Children’s Needs During Pet Loss from the Argus Institute.

Tips for helping children cope with pet loss from the ASPCA.

General Pet Loss Comfort

Christine Davis, author of “For Every Dog an Angel,” presents a guide to coping with grief and loss.

The ASPCA’s Guide to Pet Loss

Read Our Review of Heartsmith Pet Memorial Lockets.

See the Tripawds Remembrance Page for Pet Urns, Memorial Boxes and More.

Walk with a Million Dogs this Sunday

Puppy Up everypawdy! Tripawds is here in rainy Auburn, Washington, getting ready for tomorrow’s nationwide 2 Million Dogs Walk to benefit canine cancer research.

After a week of driving and seeing other Tripawds from Colorado to Washington, Tripawds Spokedawg Wyatt Ray is more than excited to meet more of the Tripawds community and walk to help to end this disease.

Look for the Tripawds table at the walk, we’ll be there rain or shine!

Auburn, WA Puppy Up! Walk
Sunday, November 7, 2010
Roegner Park
601 Oravetz Rd
Auburn, WA 98092

Times of the event will be as follows:

10:30am– Registration
11:30am – 2 Mile Walk Begins
10:00am – 3:00pm – Vendors, Food & Entertainment

Parking at this event will be at the school parking lot and is free.|
Registration $25.00

Receive a bandana and 2 Million Dogs Bracelet with entry fee

Find the nearest walk in your part of the country, by checking the 2 Million Dogs Walk website.

Here’s a great story the local news ran about the event. Hope to see you there!

OncoPet Detects Cancer Markers in Dogs

Canine bone cancer disguises itself in different ways, from limping to crankiness. Oftentimes, even an x-ray won’t clearly show what’s going on. But what if you could avoid wasting precious time, and with a simple blood draw, learn if cancer is a real possibility?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if cancer screening tests were always part of your maturing dog’s yearly physical?

With the release of the OncoPet RECAF test for cancer detection in dogs, determining the likelihood of cancer in your dog is now a reality. Developed by OncoPet Diagnostics and BioCurex, the OncoPet RECAF test is the first commercially-available blood-based test for the universal detection of cancer in companion animals.

While the OncoPet RECAF™ test is not a definitive standalone diagnostic test like a biopsy, it is an invaluable additional tool to assist in early detection of cancer, or when a cancer diagnosis is in question.

One Blood Draw with Results in about a Week

The process is simple: your vet takes a blood draw, then sends it to a laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia for processing. Results are emailed back in about a week. The test is expected to cost anywhere from $90 to $120, plus shipping. The test can be done on any breed or mix of dog, at any age.

The OncoPet RECAF™ test detects the presence of RECAF, a universal marker for malignant cell growth in humans and animals. RECAF is a molecule that is present on cancer cells but not detected in significant levels on healthy cells or benign tumor cells. The presence of RECAF can more accurately detect cancer than many current tumor markers, as RECAF is less likely to report a false positive result. The blood test for RECAF is identical for humans and companion animals.

The screening can detect most kinds of common cancers, including bone cancers. According to OncoPet, the test will give an indication of the likelihood (with a 90-95% confidence level) of the patient having a malignancy. However, it won’t provide information regarding the type of cancer, what stage the cancer is at or if it has metastasized (spread).

A Post-Cancer Follow-Up Tool

This is great news for dogs who already have cancer, since periodic testing after treatment can let you know if the levels of the RECAF marker are increasing, which may indicate that the cancer is returning, before it actually manifests clinically.

Because the test is so new, additional data needs to be collected to find out the specific types of cancers that are being detected. As more individuals ask for this screening at their veterinarian’s office, OncoPet and BioCurex scientists can learn about what cancers the test is detecting, as long as veterinarians follow up with the company to report the final diagnosis.

Ask your vet about the OncoPet RECAF™ test.

For less than the price of arthritis medications, multiple x-rays and biopsies, we think this easy test is a great idea when cancer is a real pawsibility in your beloved best friend.

Golden Pawrents Can Help with Morris Canine Cancer Study

One of the reasons we wholeheartedly support Morris Animal Foundation and encourage people to participate in their Canine Cancer Campaign Walks is to enable Morris studies like the MADGiC Project (Making Advanced Discoveries in Golden Cancers).

This three-year, $1 million dollar study is is part of Morris’ Canine Cancer Campaign, a worldwide effort to prevent, treat and cure this disease in dogs.

Morris has selected Goldens for this study because as one of the most popular breeds in America, Goldens also have a 60 percent chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma account for more than 30 percent of deaths in Goldens. The relationship between Goldens’ genetic traits and their susceptibility to cancer is still unknown.

Eventually, Morris says that “the results of this study will be of interest to all dog owners because these cancers affect every breed and cause the deaths of tens of thousands of dogs each year.”

The study is being led by world-renowned cancer researchers Dr. Jaime Modiano, from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Matthew Breen at North Carolina State University and Dr. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh at the Broad Institute of MIT and Uppsala University, Sweden. Together they will “investigate mutations that are involved in risk and progression of hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.”

Morris encourages owners of Goldens diagnosed with lymphoma or hemangiosarcoma to participate in this research by working with their veterinarian to donate a small tumor and/or blood sample. Additionally, blood samples from healthy Goldens over 12 years of age are also needed.

For more information, visit, and, or contact Rhonda Hovan at or 330.668.0044.

Triumphant Tripawd Tails: Mackenzie

Nobody can predict exactly what will happen when a dog is diagnosed with canine cancer, and many pups like me will outlive even the most dire prognosis.

Some who exceed expectations were given chemotherapy treatments, while others didn’t have any. Some Tripawds changed their diet and started taking supplements, while other survivors did not.

The stories are all different, and despite our best efforts to find similarities and survival patterns, through things like the Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Care Survey,  none of us can say for sure that one thing will work better than another when treating canine cancer.

About the only thing we all share when it comes to cancer, is holding onto the hope that we can beat the odds. Keeping a pawsitive attitude and hoping for the best is one of the most important things we can do when coping with cancer.

Introducing Triumphant Tripawd Tails

We’d like to help you maintain your positivity, by introducing you to Triumphant Tripawd cancer survivors who exemplify the phrase “Living with cancer, not dying from it.”

In the first of many more profiles to come, we’d like to share Mackenzie’s story with you. Mackenzie is an eight year-old Golden Girl from California, who was diagnosed with bone cancer almost one year ago.  As she approaches the incredible one year post-amputation and diagnosis anniversary, her Mom shares the details about her journey:

What kind of cancer does she have?

When was she diagnosed?
Sept 5, 2009 – amputation on Nov 6, 2009 (front leg)

At what age?
7 1/2 years old

What kind of chemo did she have?

How many chemo sessions?
5 treatments in total

When were lung mets discovered?
June 28, 2010

What treatments has she had since chemo?
Cytoxin, Lasix, Palladia (just started when her lung mets were discovered), Metacam, Power Mushrooms, fish oil, Glucosamine

Any side effects?
None yet

Describe her diet.
Kibble (Natural Balance, Taste Of The Wild & Canidae mixed), cooked hamburger, turkey or chicken mixed with mixed canned no salt veggies, and a little bit of canned (Paul Newman’s Organic) plus other little goodies from time to time, not to mention some human food from time to time.

What are the three things you feel has contributed to her longevity?
This is a tough one but I would say Love first, amputation (definitely for quality of life) 2nd, followed by her chemo treatments (even though she had a rough time of it) and the Palladia/Cytoxin maintenance (metronomic) protocol

What advice would you give to someone facing a cancer diagnosis?
Take it one day at a time, follow your instincts, do your research and keep all treatment options open so you can decide what’s best for you and your pet.

YouTube Preview Image

Read more about Mackenzie’s incredible story, by visiting her blog, Mackenzie – So Beautiful, and stopping by the Discussion Forums to say Hello!

If you would like to submit your Triumphant Tripawd’s story, contact us today and answer the questions above. We can’t wait to read your tails!

Walk with 2 Million Dogs on November 7

On November 7th, canines and their humans around the country will kick off the inaugural 2-mile walk for 2Million Dogs, an organization dedicated to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research.

2Million Dogs was founded by Tripawds’ friend Luke Robinson, who walked over 2,000 from Austin to Boston with his Great Pyrenees dogs, Hudson and Murphy, to increase awareness of canine cancer.

The idea for the walk began when Luke had a vision of 2,000,000 dogs walking simultaneously all across the United States to help eradicate cancer. He believed that if he and his 2 dogs could walk over 2,000 miles, others could walk too, in order to make a huge impact on raising cancer awareness.

The 2 Million Dogs walk will be a day long event with entertainment, vendors and celebrations. The money raised will be used to fund canine cancer and comparative oncology research, particularly focusing on the causal relationship between infections, immune response, and cancer.

2Million Dogs is in the early stages of their development process, and are currently looking for research partners while raising monies to fund the study.

Walks will be held in the following cities. If yours isn’t listed, sign up here to organize a walk in your town!

Norcross, GA More info / Sign Up
Boston, MA More info / Sign Up
Newport, KY More info / Sign Up
Edinboro, PA More info / Sign Up
Fairborn, OH More info / Sign Up
Fort Collins, CO More info / Sign Up
New Milford, CT More info / Sign Up
Pittsburgh, PA More info / Sign Up
Richmond, VA More info / Sign Up
Seattle, WA More info / Sign Up
Poughkeepsie, NYMore info / Sign Up

Auburn, WA More info / Sign Up (Meet Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray at this walk!)

Team Tripawds and NorCal Walkers Raise Over $80k for Morris!

A BIG “thank you” goes out to everyone who walked with Team Tripawds in person and in spirit at the Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk on Sunday.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Northern California, and Team Tripawds members in attendance report that a good time was had by all.

Even Angel Max’s family walked with us in spirit in their neighborhood in Washington, sporting their Tripawd Chloe t-shirts imprinted with our cancer heroes’ names on back. What an honor.

Chloe’s Mom Nicole was busy taking movies and photos of the big day, you can see her full report here at Chloe’s blog.

Morris Animal Foundation reports that their original walk goal of $40,000 was not only exceeded, but doubled! As of today, the total raised was $80,000 and counting! Wow!

We are honored that everyone took time out of their weekend to walk in support of our Tripawd heroes, and all those who have been affected by canine cancer.  Morris is a brilliant organization who’s doing an incredible job in helping us get closer to a cure for canine cancer.

Some day, this disease will be eradicated, thanks to your help.

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