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sheba2011 wrote: Long over due update!
It's been over 2 years since my last post and so much has happened as Sheba watches over us! We never did figure out what was causing Buster's gastrointestinal upset.  At the same time it was discovered he has several degenerative issues in the sp (More)
jerry wrote: Manage Tripawd Arthritis with Supplements, Exercise and Pain Management
Last week we told you about Wyatt Ray's latest diagnosis of tendinopathy, and the minor procedure he underwent to alleviate the pain. This week, we want to share his veterinary team's tips to manage Tripawd arthritis with nutrition, exercise and supp (More)
jerry wrote: How to Measure Paws for Dog Boots
Dog boots can be a blessing or a curse depending how they fit and who makes them. Today you'll learn the easy way to measure paws for their dog boots like the Ruffwear GripTrex boots, our favorite shoes for Wyatt Ray. What to Know About Boots for Tr (More)
jerry wrote: DIY Cat and Dog Natural Nutrition Tips are Vet-Approved!
Do a search for "cat and dog nutrition books" on the web and you'll find dozens that were published by people without DVM after their name. Although these books were written from the heart and often share great ideas that bring happiness to our dogs (More)
chuy wrote: I'm Home
Mom here, I got a letter from the Rainbow Bridge today. It was from Chuy In it he said:               Dear Mom & Dad, Remember Jennifer? The lady that rescued me from the st (More)
jerry wrote: Wyatt's Time for Tripawd Rehab Therapy at Colorado State, Part 1
Tripawd rehab therapy isn't just for new amputee dogs and cats. It's beneficial for all Tripawds, no matter what stage of life they're in. Take Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray.  Tripawd Wyatt Says "Ouch, that Hurts!" Wyatt is eight years o (More)
marleynme wrote: The start of our Journey
It was the beginning of another a busy year.  I work as the Finance Manager for my husband's company as well as run a dog rescue and a financial advising company.  My husband's company was actively growing and was demanding of his time.  Our son was (More)
chuy wrote: Another Vet Visit.....
Is this what the hoomans call the downhill slide? Dr. Sam (I really lick this dude!), tells me that my one and only front elbow is starting to give out. Hooman mom told him I am having trouble getting up on my own and when I do get up, sometimes, my (More)
jerry wrote: Gentle, Safe Tripawd Dog Stretches to Avoid Injuries
Regular and safe Tripawd dog stretches are so important to reduce the chance of injury. Cats, on the other hand, already know that stretching is relaxing and good for them: TriKitteh Steve knows how to stretch. Whether cat or dog, the benefits (More)
jerry wrote: Drug-Free Pet Pain Relief with the Assisi Loop
When your Tripawd is hurting, it's critical to act fast. Work with your vet to pinpoint the cause and create action steps for immediate relief. Many times, Tripawds need a combination of western and eastern pet pain relief modalities. For many pet pa (More)
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