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Tripawd Tuesday: Chevy and Aspen Ladd Fight On!

Tripawds are fighters, and today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebrates a very special one. Meet Chevy, a Tripawd hero who inspires his mom Aspen Ladd, a very special champ herself!

Tripawd Chevy
Tripawd Chevy inspires his mom, UFC fighter Aspen Ladd.

Earlier this year, Chevy lost his leg to cancer. His mom is UFC fighter Aspen Ladd, currently ranked #3 in the Women’s Bantamweight division. Ironically, Chevy’s leg amputation happened about the same time Aspen suffered a bad training injury that’s temporarily put her out of the ring. Now, the California mountain mom and her pack are spending 2020 recuperating, getting stronger every day, staying pawsitive and taking on the world to get back in the game.

We caught up with Aspen to learn more about her beautiful Tripawd German Shepherd Chevy. Here’s the thoughtful post she shared for today’s Tripawd Tuesday spotlight.

(All images courtesy of Aspen Ladd on Instagram).

Meet Tripawd German Shepherd Chevy and Aspen Ladd
Chevy and his pack live in the California mountains.

How old is Chevy? Why did he lose his leg?  

I think Chevy is about 5, he was my accidental child so not certain. Multiple vets were convinced it was osteosarcoma but 2 biopsies came back negative for malignant cells. But the tumor kept growing to an enormous size and destroyed his hock joint and surrounding bone.

It was incredibly painful for him but hasn’t spread anywhere else thankfully we kept checking his lungs. It wasn’t fungal, bacterial, or caused by an injury at any point. So for all intents and purposes a benign bone tumor that still destroyed his leg.

Chevy and Aspen Ladd
Chevy and mom taking a break on a training hike.

Tell us about your other gorgeous doggie!

My other pups name is Kaia, she is nearly 10. And my best friend of 14 years Granite passed away in March, nasal cancer got him. He was the longest living case with degenerative myopathy that my vet had ever seen. We were 2 years in and it’s not even what got him, the cancer did. He was still hiking 10 miles with me 2 weeks before he passed. He was just shy of 14 and an incredible dog.

What have you learned about dogs from watching Chevy recover from amputation?

That they are like people in how their pain tolerances vary, and you have to think for them as far as rebuilding post surgery. That they really don’t care that a leg is missing. For Chevy his whole attitude changed right after surgery. He was so happy you could tell the pain must have been horrific.

Tripawd recuperation progress
Chevy keeps getting stronger.

What have you learned about yourself while you recuperate together?

As far as recuperating together its probably good for me to have him with me because worry for him keeps me from over straining my own injuries. Because I have a tendency to over do it.

And that canine rehabilitation is so archaic in comparison to that of a human athlete. All dogs are lumped together couch dogs, sporting dogs, old, young and it shouldn’t be that way. I can tell you that post surgical care for a high level human athlete is vastly different from that of a civilian, and so it should be for dogs to return to their best lives. Not just functioning but enjoying. Its something that bothers me because I know better based off a great deal of personal experience as a pro athlete. 

If Chevy could talk in our language, what would he tell us about being an amputee and living with cancer?

He would say he absolutely loves life, and is so happy and that he’s really happy that his painful (useless towards the end) leg is gone. Boy he was so happy right after surgery!
After so many years dealing with my boys ( Granite who has passed) and now Chevy that I hate it when people write off dogs when they have issues and leave them behind.

Dogs need purpose the same as people and with a little help from a willing owner are so capable of participating in life. Just existing isn’t good enough, truly enjoying life is the goal. It usually just takes effort on the humans end and they are so worth it.

And exercise is the fountain of youth and the best way to delay sickness. 5 years of chronic bronchitis and 2 of degenerative myopathy with Granite: the only reason he made it so long is because he was so fit.

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Chevy and Aspen Ladd Fight On!”

  1. Such an inspirational story! Meeting Abvey, Chevy, Kaia and Granite too is an introduction to a loving bond among Warriors!! And Granite is now watching over all of them as their protector!❤
    Yes, Chevy and Abbey are on a recovery journey chock full,of lessons….with Chevy as the teacher and Abvey as the student!
    Thanks for sharing their adventures, as well as such gre pictures. Sending best wishes for all your future endeavors!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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