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Search results for 'TPLO' (514)

… but I suspect that you may be surprised at how well Rosie copes with the surgery, and how much easier and less stressful recovery is than after TPLO. My Meg had multiple surgeries, including a total elbow replacement and heaven knows what else before the decision was finally made to remove her

…the extra stress will hasten her passing. I am praying that she will make it through recovery and back to running/hopping with her pack again.  The TPLO was only 7 weeks ago, and because of the OSC she hasn't progressed as well as expected despite RT and water treadmill.  The surgeon said that the

…much.  Yes the unexpected windfall is a sign for sure. So much for my tropical vacation.  

Yes, we saw the same orthopedic surgeon who did her TPLO today.  He was ready to cancel his other morning surgeries and do the amputation today.  We live in Seattle and they come highly recommended!  Our

…before the THR.

Daisy is another Tripawd who had cruciate surgery after becoming a Tripawd, although if I remember correctly, she didn't have a TPLO.

Kathi and the Turbotail April Angel...and the Labradork

…and cheeseburgers and sunbathing it's for them AND for us too! A win/win for everybody is a good thing!!

Izzy, a tripawd, is now gping tnrpugh TPLO recovery on her remaining three legs. She's doing amazing.

Murphy had hip urgery six weeks after his front leg amp. He had great extended

…this site, found it last night. What a blessing. My beloved Rosie was diagnosed with right front leg osteosarcoma yesterday.  She had right rear TPLO on 831. She's been limping on her right front since February, which is how we ended up at the orthopedic surgeon. X-rays in May  showed slight…

…should go through with it.  My fear is that the cancer is more widespread than we know and although the surgeon says recovery is a lot quicker than TPLO, and she's already only using three legs, that by the end of the month or mid-November she should be right as rain.  Anyone else have this happen

…and diagnosed her with a CCL tear. I called the surgeon immediately after her visit with the vet and was able to get in the next day, ready for the TPLO surgery. During my visit I was in complete shock when the surgeon said her knees were perfect, but she noticed a spot on her hip and prescribed her

2 October 2016 5:40 pm
Posts: 16
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…. She does seem to be doing better with her pain managed but I'm still so torn (no pun intended) between the surgical options. Afraid to do TPLO because of the drawn out recovery (and cutting her bone - she's almost 13!!) but don't want to put her through a "lesser" surgery for nothing

9 September 2016 5:31 pm
Forum: Shout-Outs
Posts: 39
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…and one of the vets in the practice had her lab's blown knee fixed by him personally and it got an infection.  I was kind of frightened to do the TPLO not just due to cost but if the TPLO fails the only "fix" is amputation and we already lost the "spare".

Hang in there.  The right decision for

…isn't really an option. They felt that, given that Izzy lost her spare leg already, that protocol wouldn't be effective. They recommended TPLO as that would be the most stable repair and also because the risk of infection is lower than with the TightRope proedure or classic ECLR, which is

29 August 2016 5:23 am
Posts: 22
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…opted for a lateral suture stabilization.  It is the procedure my vet performs and was the least expensive option for me. I simply could not afford TPLO (about $3000 where I live) and the tightrope procedure was not much cheaper.

For me the knee surgery recovery was much harder than Daisy's amp

…did tightrope with Tess (a quad).  I wanted to go with the least invasive option, and knew that if the tightrope failed, there was always TPLO as a fall back.  Tess' worked, no infection (although long recovery period - far longer than Otis' for his amp), but she does limp from time to…

…tightrope procedure can fail if it loosens (which can happen if the dog is too active during recovery or puts too much stress on the knee).   The TPLO is less likely to fail, since they are literally cutting out part of the bone to brace the rest of the leg, although if it fails there is no other

26 August 2016 12:43 pm
Posts: 22
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…! - and standing is an impossibility. Looks like her knee isn't stable, so they are thinking cruciate ligament.

Couple of repair options are the TPLO - about 4k and the Tight Rope procedure, probably about 3k. Both have risks, the Tight Rope apparently has a slightly higher risk of infection

26 August 2016 11:38 am
Posts: 22
Views: 1748

…The xrays he had before his amputation showed no progression in the slight bit of arthritis he has in his left hip that was noted 3yrs ago before his TPLO surgery. I don't find it overly expensive and is easily accessible though amazon. I suspect it is very similar to Dasuquin and it also contains

23 August 2016 3:35 am
Posts: 16
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…she first tore it including cold laser therapy.  When it fully ruptured I opted to have the lateral suture stabilization surgery.  The cost of the TPLO surgery was out of reach for me even though that would have been the best option for her size.

I will tell you the recovery from Daisy's knee was


My 3-legger, Rusty, had TPLO surgery on his only back leg about three years ago. Lately, we moved to a house with all hardwoods and have been trying to cover the floors in rugs,

5 August 2016 1:04 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 4
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…goes.  Maybe she just lost enough weight that its palpable now  Currently she's 76lbs (maybe she's lost ~5lbs post op), down from 86 prior to her TPLO in September, and a high of 98lbs when she injured the knee.  And she still looked skinny at 98!  I want her skinny genes!

Lisa, thanks for

27 July 2016 2:18 pm
Posts: 21
Views: 1880

…call your vet, sometimes you can just tug and it comes out, but it depends on the suture technique.  When Sheba had her TPLO last year we had the same problem about 6 weeks out.  The vet had used black sutures, so it looked like one of her hairs (there's something to be

14 July 2016 2:30 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 5
Views: 1133

…!  I know you've already found my blog, but thought I'd say hi over here. The first culture from Sheba's aborted TPLO was inconclusive according to our regular vet because the PCR couldn't make a positive ID, but fungal according to our surgeon who said negative PCR

…a sling but is way too rambunctious without meds. Nothing we didn't expect, she's a bit kooky. We know she'll come home zonked just like after her TPLO, maybe not tomorrow but hopefully Saturday. 

30 June 2016 11:34 pm
Posts: 27
Views: 2151

…will occasionally lurk around the site with my log in. We're the owners of Sheba, a 5 year old female German Shepherd. Sheba was scheduled for a TPLO May 23. When the surgeon opened the joint capsule he saw something very unusual. A large amount of the cartilage had eroded to the bone and the

28 June 2016 12:12 am
Posts: 27
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…we did, they probably wouldn't be able to do anything anyway  We both decided not to put him through any more procedures/surgeries - if the initial TPLO had failed we would've done it at the time, but it was all ok, I was shown all the xrays and saw the plate and screws all in place.  

13 June 2016 3:43 am
Posts: 19
Views: 1978

…IS just a step onto the couch. She got on the sofa after her TPLO surgeries with no problem. After the biopsy, she got on, but couldn't lie on her favorite side so she got right back down. Trying to figure out how

10 June 2016 9:38 am
Posts: 122
Views: 8702

…the courage to tell my 11.5 year old Labrador's story. I do feel a bit of a fraud as Corbie, technically, still has all four legs but... since TPLO surgery on his left hind last October he hasn't wanted to use the leg at all. I blame myself everyday for putting him through the op  

Firstly, I…

…he was still a very active dog apart from this initial set back.  We live in Scotland and he loved walking the hills here.

Corbie had successful TPLO surgery a week later, 7th October.  When I collected him from the following day, he was touching the ground with his paw, but as soon as he got home…

…he would give him a good look at his follow-up xray the next week. 18th November Corbie had his 6-week post-op xrays which were all good and the TPLO surgery had healed correctly.  Orthopaedic consultant said the next step would be MRI. We haven't put him through that, he's 11.5 years old now…

…and he was stressed enough with the tplo and the insurance wouldn't cover it, as it was classed as the same condition which we had already maxed out on the cover with the tplo.

He had…

…and stretch it and then up it goes, I don't think he will ever walk with it again.

We're 10 months since his original injury and 8 months since tplo surgery.  He has joint pain in his legs now.  I wish I had found this site months ago, so I could've been doing the core muscle exercises with him,

8 June 2016 9:35 am
Posts: 19
Views: 1978

…time. Since the leg-thing, though, I've just been taking Maggie out front a little. (Vet said that the plan was to do the biopsy and remove the TPLO plate in her leg, but once they saw it, they were afraid the bone wouldn't be strong enough and would break too easily. So, although I think Maggie

7 June 2016 10:41 am
Posts: 122
Views: 8702

…s moving around a little, but not very much. I know she has arthritis pretty bad as she has had a few x-rays for UTI's and other things. She had TPLO (?) on both knees when she was about 3. Attributed the recent limping to her arthritis, but felt a lump in one of her knees yesterday. Took her

29 May 2016 8:40 am
Posts: 122
Views: 8702

…for surgery or was he just trying to prepare you for a long recovery?  I do not have any experience with braces, but Bandit tore both ACL's and had TPLO's within less than a year.  One surgery he bounced back very quickly, the other not so quickly and of course you have the amp which he has astounded

24 May 2016 1:14 pm
Posts: 46
Views: 4395

…year and a half post TPLO Bubba has had constant problems. Developed MRSP shortly after surgery that has come back several times. Had to have plate

…is a 10 and a half year old Australian Shepard/border collie mix.  He has had 2 tplo surgeries.  He loves to play Frisbee.  We have to spell it or he goes nuts and he almost always has a ball in his mouth or right beside him.  We

13 May 2016 8:01 am
Posts: 19
Views: 1150

… just perfect. And her regular vet recommends that, too. But I still look for other harness that will support her lower body. She's arthritis and TPLO on right leg.

12 May 2016 6:12 pm
Posts: 11
Views: 1026
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