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Search results for 'prednisone' (1237)

…was not getting better.  They have been amazing there; all of the doctors have been extremely caring.  She is only taking the gabapentin and prednisone
, but I will ask about amantadine and acupuncture.  The doctors wanted to wait the 2 weeks to see if the radiation would help.  She can still use

14 August 2018 7:38 pm
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….  This type of radiation will hopefully stop the growth of the tumor and alleviate the pain.  She is taking 300mg of gabapentin 2x per day and 1 prednisone
per day.  The radiation did not help with her lameness and I think it might be beneficial to amputate her left front leg.  She already does well

14 August 2018 3:19 pm
Posts: 5
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…think he is a bit sore. He has really bad arthritis and the metacam provided some pain relief. Although prednisone
is great for inflammation, it doesn't do much for pain relief. 

13 August 2018 7:11 pm
Posts: 131
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…can't thank you folks enough for giving me the confidence to push for prednisone

The turn around is nothing short of a miracle. I hope this keeps him comfortable for a little while longer. 

11 August 2018 7:51 pm
Posts: 131
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And to see it work so quickly is absolutely  wonderful!!!  Yes indeedy, Prednisone
  can be a realky GOOD drug sometimes. .........a MIRACLE  drug!

Through the years when I've  had to use this for my dogs, and sometimes

11 August 2018 9:25 am
Posts: 131
Views: 7954

… the results weren't  always immediate.  So ifnit takes three or four days to see a perkier Bender.  I remember  my Vet told me that, while Prednisone
  can be a "bad" drug sometimes, there comes a time when it can be a miracle drug too!!

What dose and frequency is he on?   How much does

11 August 2018 12:24 am
Posts: 131
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…m glad you were able to get the prednisone
going on. We tried it when mets started affecting Jerry, and although we didn't like the side effects on him, it has helped many dogs through this…

…time. See:

Prednisone and Dog Cancer Tips
Also, be sure to check out this Tripawds Nutrition blog

How to Help Coughing From Lung Mets
Sending lots of of hugs

9 August 2018 5:57 pm
Posts: 131
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…starts the prednisone
on Sunday morning. 

Need to flush out the metacam for 48 hours. No sign of fluid on his last x-ray. Not sure of some has accumulated since

9 August 2018 4:04 pm
Posts: 131
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As Bender's breathing declines and coughing increases, we have decided to give prednisone
a try.

He should start treatment Sunday morning assuming he does okay without meticam and is stable. 

The vet has also recommended amantadine

9 August 2018 8:39 am
Posts: 131
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A couple of things come to mind here.  The panting thing is so tough to figure out - it could be meds, but in our specific experience, only Prednisone
has had that impact.  I was convinced when Pofi started the Gabapentin pre-amp that it was causing him to pant - and my vet said we could try

7 August 2018 7:14 am
Posts: 229
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…I somewhat feel your pain. Are there any treats she really likes? May not be the most healthy option, but better than nothing. Did anyone mention Prednisone
? I can't remember. The peeing side-effects suck, but that does increase appetite too. Ice cream? LiverWurst? You must be almost at your wit's

6 August 2018 9:28 am
Posts: 58
Views: 3231

…you have for extended  quality  time.  My Happy Hannah  got some good extended quality  time (and this was even after outward symptoms) with some Prednisone
  and some  low dose Tramadol. 

You have  the right attitude...make every day count!!  Don't  waste one second  letting that piece of 

…loved being a couch potato.  She  didn't  even have a cough, but there are DEFINITELY some meds that can handle that if you need them for Bender!  Prednisone
  was helpful to her  as her breathing  pattern changed some.

So there are definitely things that be done for quality.   As Teresa pointed out,

4 August 2018 9:45 pm
Posts: 131
Views: 7954

…who had very little appetite, I had her on CBD oil for a couple of months and didn't notice much difference in her appetite, she was prescribed prednisone
at one point and that made a huge difference (however it has very negative side effects and shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary),

2 August 2018 8:45 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 3
Views: 580

…. We are scheduled to take Chance for his second surgical consult at UTCVM tomorrow, 7/27.  Last Thursday when we met with them they put him on prednisone
to help with the swelling. The initial plan was to perform a second surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible without damaging his leg (

25 July 2018 10:10 pm
Posts: 6
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…glad the Vet suggested  that because  then we could do some additional  palliative  care to extend  quality.  And that's what we did basically  with Prednisone
  and some Tramadol.....and extra scoops of ice cream!

Abby is showing you she is doing absolutely  great!😀😀   She really, really is a tough

14 July 2018 9:23 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 726

…is right for one dog  may not be right for Simon. It really is a case by case basis most of the time.

Here is an article about Artemisinin.

is not an herbal, it is a steroid and mainly only reserved for late stage cancer treatment as far as I understand. It's heavy duty stuff not to be…

…taken lightly. Here is an article about prednisone and side effects.

… neurologic  could be going on.  Jist throwing stuff out there.  So confusing for you.  

Is he on pain meds, which it sounds like he needs?   Prednisone

Your Karma knows uou did everything  possible.  Dogs love us so unconditionally,  she would NOT want you regretting what had to be done. 

17 June 2018 5:12 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 15
Views: 631

….  Just the plain unscented kind works great.  They have it on amazon and in major chain pet stores.  

Is she taking any meds or new meds.  Prednisone
has been making Bosco pant like crazy.  You may want to look at side effects of any meds, just a thought.  

27 May 2018 1:41 pm
Topic: Panting
Posts: 6
Views: 507

…support instead of chemo?

what if we do do chemo and its really hard on him physically?

what if he get pancreatitis again ? he got this from prednisone
just in march?

what if he can beat this like his thyroid tumor and mast cell tumor?

what if he can't?

what if Charlie can't get up when hes

…amputation  due to Osteo.   She's  not the same Tazzie you read about , but she may definitely  have  some imsigjt.

Womdering if antibiotics , or prednisone
, could help with some of the swelling around the "thing".   I know of a situation  wjere a dog jad some form of tumor where surgery  was not an

16 May 2018 9:09 am
Posts: 49
Views: 3709

…t  want to do that at this point and it was about damage, or weakening, to the bone.  At some point though, I may ask for it.  It's  kinda' like Prednisone
.  For all its  bad side effedts, sometimes  it can be a miracle drug whren necessary .

Oh....I got to have a couple of pictires with myself

9 May 2018 10:09 am
Posts: 355
Views: 20551

…Johnnie.  The few times we had to give her some medication were complicated ones.  

So, Tuesday  we will have more pictures !   

About the prednisone
:  the neurologist said she can't guarantee how much time it will hold him up.  Its miracle effect can wear out in the near future - we don't know

…his joy and hapoiness, all that HAS to be part of the reason he has been so VICTORIOUS  all these years!😁

My Vet told me one time whenmit comes to Prednisone
,  sometime it CAN be a MIRACLE drug at jist the right time.  Sounds like that's  the case for our BELOVED JOHNNIE😚  You are doing EVERYTHING

…photos from February - Carnaval 2018 - when he was thriving, showing off his new Ruffwear Float Coat
.  The others are from this weekend, after prednisone
.   Last week he was barely standing up!  


…of life over quantity, but hopeful that we will be able to celebrate Johnnie's 4th ampuversary on May 20th.  

For the first time, he is taking prednisone
, and in 24h he regained his mobility and stopped the barking and the peeing around.  I was impressed!  Of course it takes a toll on the liver, but…

…we want is for him to live as normal a dog life as he can.  Today we was already hopping around and went for a swim. 

He is now taking:  20mg prednisone
twice a day;  1 mg dipyrone (not sold in USA)  twice a day;  100mg fenobarbital twice a day;  SAM-E and milk thistle for the liver;  K-9…

Plus, 3 chews/day;  chondroitin glucosamine.    The goal is to reduce the prednisone
dosage to preserve the liver.  Will do a blood test in three weeks.  

Can't say this year has been an easy one for Johnnie, but we knew that

…you have a plan now, and know a little bit more about what's going on. Did the vet offer any suggestions for helping to improve his appetite? The prednisone
should help and in addition these Tripawds Nutrition blog
posts about dealing with lack of appetite will help give you some pointers:


…thought. Is Po on any pain meds or anti-inflammatory?  As Jackie said, mybe he is having some discomfort that can be handled with a pain med.  Prednisone
seems to relieve some of the sympe of mets too.

If I recall, no symptons were present a couple of weeks ago, right?   So all these symptoms

7 April 2018 9:47 pm
Posts: 113
Views: 7500

…much everyone for the well wishes, info and support! She's continuing to do well throughout the day. We just have her on Tramadol, a small dose of Prednisone
to see if it would help with the knuckling, along with an antibiotic and most of her supplements for HSA (will be adding the others soon). They

…shall continue to be happy for a long while to come!!!  

Once you catch your breath, you need to ask about Metronomics, Palladia, Cannabis Oil, Prednisone
, Luekeran, just to mention a few that can possibly slow, or stop, the growth of tumors. There are sooooo many factors that can, indeed, give Po

13 March 2018 5:23 pm
Posts: 113
Views: 7500
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