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Tripawd Tuesday: Kehlani the Beautiful Teaches Us to Be Better Humans

Once you become a Tripawd parent you understand how animals handle limb loss better than we do. And we see that is true even when a dog loses a leg to violence at the hands of a human, like Kehlani did, sadly. But did that awful episode stop her from making the most of life? Nope! See how she taught her humans to bounce back right along with her, in today’s Tripawd Tuesday spotlight on Kehlani the Beautiful Inspiration!

Introducing today’s Tripawd Tuesday spotlight, Kehlani!

Just in time for Kehlani’s birthday, here’s a celebration of this remarkable girl, as told by her human, Destiny from Michigan.

Tripawd Tuesday Kehlani

How old is your Tripawd?

  • 1 year and 11 months

When and Why did your Tripawd lose a leg?

  • On November 14th, 2023, Kehlani and her English Mastiff brother were playing on their property when they were both shot by a neighbor. Kehlani sustained two gunshot wounds to her right paw, resulting in severe bone fractures.
  • Despite multiple bandage changes, Kehlani’s wounds did not heal, and she eventually experienced a seizure due to the unrelenting stress. Unfortunately, due to the lack of improvement, Kehlani had to undergo the amputation of her leg.
Tripawd post amputation

How did your Tripawd adapt to life on three?

  • Two days post-surgery, we felt apprehensive and anxious about allowing her to walk. We held her firmly to prevent her from getting up, interpreting her whines as signs of pain. Seeking guidance, we contacted the doctors, who advised against restraining her. Upon releasing her, to our surprise, she began walking as if nothing had changed!
  • The following day, we attempted to take her for a walk in a wagon, but she promptly jumped out and proceeded to walk around the entire block.
  • Presently, Kehlani has adjusted remarkably well. Occasionally, she shows signs of attempting to move her amputated side. Despite this, she remains the fastest among our fur babies. Nothing can hinder her spirited nature!

What are your Tripawd’s favorite things to do?

  • Kehlani favorite things to do is walking, being outside, and playing catch with her ball 24/7, and digging holes in the backyard with her hardheaded brother!
Tripawd Kehlani

Is there any special gear that helped or helps your Tripawd?

  • Kehlani has transitioned to using a harness instead of a collar. We recently opted for a retractable leash for her, as we observed increased pulling behavior. It has worked wonderfully. Also we put non slip carpet pads on the stairs so she can go up and down.

If you went through amputation surgery recovery with your animal, what did you think would happen after surgery? Did your worst fears happen? How did you cope?

  • Following her surgery, we anticipated that her abilities would be restricted, and she might not be the same joyful and playful Shepherd. However, our worst fears never materialized.
  • In fact, she not only retains her pre-amputation capabilities but has also adapted and continually surprises us with new feats.
Tripawd Tuesday Kehlani

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your Tripawd?

  • The biggest lesson we learned from our Tripawd is resilience. Witnessing our pet navigate life with grace and determination despite facing physical challenges taught us the importance of adapting to adversity and embracing life’s changes with a positive mindset.
  • Our Tripawd’s unwavering spirit and ability to find joy in every moment served as a powerful reminder to focus on what truly matters and to persevere through obstacles with courage and resilience.

What is your best advice to someone who is about to go through amputation with their pet, or someone who is thinking of adopting a Tripawd?

  • Understand that while there may be challenges along the way, many Tripawds lead happy, fulfilling lives. Embrace the journey with your pet, celebrate their achievements, and cherish the special bond you share.

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Kehlani the Beautiful Teaches Us to Be Better Humans”

  1. I’m sorry for the reason Kehlani became a tripod, but happy to hear of her adapting to life on three legs. Her story is just one of the reasons I love tripawds. I was wondering what harness you use for Kehlani. My dog Grace is also a front leg tripawd and I’m looking for a harness that will not slip off of her.
    Thank you

    • Kallie, not sure what harness Kehlani’s people were referring to, but our preference and Tripawd-tested harness for front leggers is the Ruffwear Flagline. Keep in mind that all harnesses will slip on a front-leg amputee, but we have found that the Flagline slips the least. Any other questions feel free to reach out to us.

    • Hi Kallie, thank you for reading about Kehlani’s story. Her harness is the ShawnCo Essential Dog Harness from Amazon. We measured her and chose a large based on the size chart. While she is growing into it, I recommend going a size smaller as it’s still a bit big for her. Other than that, the harness has been working well for us.


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