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How Nellie’s Bark Ranger Ski Kit Makes Winter More Fun for Tripawds

“You’re taking me where? Nellie had no idea where we were going when we packed up and headed north to Alaska last summer. Little did she know that winter would be a blast with her Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit.

Nellie the honorary three legged dog in stroller with ski kit accessory
No Tripawd gets left behind with the Burley Ski Kit!

If this California girl had her way, we would have stayed in the warm weather we are accustomed to. But the North Country called, we answered, and now Nellie of the North is enjoying Arctic Adventures she never knew could be so much fun.

Yes, Tripawds Can Ski with the Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit Accessory

Did you know dogs can ski? With the Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit they can! This must-have stroller accessory is the best way to take your Tripawd along when you want to head out for a ski. It’s like a child pulk sled for snow machines, but for this pulk is for dogs.

If you love snow, this is a must-have accessory for the Burley Bark Ranger Dog Stroller. Our number one choice for taking three-legged dogs on longer walks is roomy, durable, and easy to push. We feel It’s a worthwhile essential because it keeps the pack together all year long, even in winter.

Switch from Wheels to Skis with the Push of a Button

  • Comes with a padded, comfortable, and adjustable waist harness
  • Tow bars can be adjusted to a person’s height
  • Push button ski attachment makes switching easy and fast
  • Use with your own skis, or without

The towing harness is comfortable for us both, and Nellie appreciates the roomy ride. Sometimes we tow her while wearing our own skis. Other times we just wear our winter hiking shoes for slower walking adventures. Our ski poles (not included) make it easier to navigate on uneven or hilly terrain. Anyone who enjoys a good winter workout will appreciate how easy and fun it is to take your Tripawd skiing.

The Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit Accessory
The Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit Accessory

As for Nellie, she doesn’t notice the difference between wheels or skis on the Bark Ranger, but we do! We feel good knowing the Ski Kit extends her time in the outdoors. She no longer has to stay home because we’re hitting the trails . . . or celebrating winter solstice!

The Burley Bark Ranger Ski Kit helps our pack stick together.

Once outside with us, and just as she does the rest of the year, Nellie walks a little and rides a little. The chance to give her more activity keeps her in good shape and eases achy joints caused by osteoarthritis.

We’ve been using the Ski Kit multiple times a week since our first heavy snowfall last November. It’s so much fun, we won’t stop using it until the snow melts sometime around late April. There’s nothing we don’t like about how it works.

Nellie would say that she loves it too. She’s gets so excited when we bring out her Ruffwear Powder Hound jacket and Polar Trex Snow Boots. Both are sure sign that her day is about to get very interesting. Once we get her in the Bark Ranger and onto the trail, she has a blast sniffing for moose, cheering on sled dog teams wooshing by, and checking out the wilds of Alaska.

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We can’t say enough good things about the Burley Bark Ranger Dog Stroller, Bike Trailer, and Ski Kit. This essential stroller for special-needs dogs is ready to help you walk, roll, or glide on snow any day you want, as you build a stronger bond in the great outdoors.

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2 thoughts on “How Nellie’s Bark Ranger Ski Kit Makes Winter More Fun for Tripawds”

  1. Nellie, sweet Nellie! You may be in the middle of snow and ice and below freezing temperatures, but seeing your sweet photo melts my heart!♥️♥️ You look soooo comfortable and cozy in your Bark Ranger.
    The way you entered and exited with such ease, not only says a lot about how much you love it, but also a lot about the thought that went into the design.
    Seeing the video of how easily the Bark Ranger could be pulled on the trail was ao impressive! Almost makes me want to move to Alaska or some other snow covered place just so I could use this for my tripawd!
    Sitting in her “lit up” Bark Ranger Nellie was able to engage in the Solstice walk and clearly enjoyed being “part of the pack”. Her happy bark spoke volumes about how happy she was.
    Ceryninformative and fun post. Thanknyou for taking the time to share. Clearly you are over the mokn happy with this product

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Sally, you are so intuitive! Yes she is VERY happy that she gets to go everywhere, even on a frozen lake! We are having a blast with the Ski kit and are so glad we had a chance to experience this magical place. Wish you could be here to have fun with us too!


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