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[CLOSED] Your Tripawds Calendar Photo is Wanted!

The 2024 Calendar submissions deadline is passed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. If you sent one and didn’t hear back please let us know.

Can you believe it’s that time? It sure is! Your Tripawds calendar photo is wanted for our 2024 Tripawds Community Calendars!

There is no cost, and this is not a contest. Any Tripawd cat or dog of today or the past is welcome to join the fun! Hurry, the photo entry deadline is Sunday, September 24!

Keep reading for details.

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Tripawds Calendar Photo Entries FAQs

This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Tripawds dogs and cats’ best glamor shots are wanted for the 2024 Tripawds Calendars.

  • This is NOT a contest, it’s a FUNdraiser!
  • Photos MUST CLEARLY SHOW that your cat or dog is missing a leg.
  • Make it a GREAT PHOTO to help us raise Tripawd Awareness.

All we ask is that you please buy loads of these calendars to support the Tripawds community.

Read the photo requirements below. Then send yours in by deadline. First come, first served. We cannot accept any additional photos after the deadline. Act now!

at 12 midnight, Eastern time. No exceptions, sorry!

2024 Tripawds Calendar Photo Requirements

SEND ONE GREAT PHOTO BY THE DEADLINE. This is the only way to get featured in one of three 2024 Tripawds Heroes and Angels Calendars!

  • Pictures of a Tripawd with a four legged pal are fine, but the Tripawd needs to be prominently shown.
  • If your Tripawd was in a previous calendar, send a new photo.
  • Got more than 1 Tripawd? No problem! Enter one photo per Tripawd, or send one group photo.
  • Images must not include children, adults, logos, or titles.

All registered Tripawds members and/or @tripawds followers and fans can EMAIL one (1) photo of their three legged dog, cat, or other animal from past or present.

Tripawds Calendar Photo Requirements

Where to Send Your Photo:

Include your Tripawd(s) name, and the name of any other pets featured in the photo. Submissions without this will not be included.

  • Email ONE photo HERE to this email  (“admin-at-tripawds-dot-com”)
  • You will receive a reply within 48 hours confirming whether or not your image file is suitable for printing.

If you do not receive a reply, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, contact us.

Only emailed photos are accepted. Do not send or share pictures via social media. They will not be included.

Qualifying photos sent by the deadline will be included in one of the three 2024 Tripawds Community Calendars. Pics sent after the deadline will NOT be included. 

Is Your Photo Suitable for Printing?

Your ONE photo must be of good enough quality (“resolution”) so it clearly reproduces when enlarged for a paper calendar. Poor quality images with small files sizes look blurry in print!

Your photo size must be at least 2400 x 1800 dimensions.

IMPORTANT: Photos with sizes too small for a full-page image, might still be in a calendar. But it will be small and grouped with other small photos.

How to find your photo file size on smart phones

Here’s an example of a photo that is NOT going to look good in print. The dimensions are too small.

Calendar Photo Bad Image
A small photo like this looks terrible in print.

Photos submitted at a resolution file size unsuitable for print won’t be included.

A few last photo entry tips.

Please do NOT:

  • Email more than one photo. We know that’s hard, but you can do it!
  • Ask us to pick one for you. It delays production, we will not do it. Sorry.
  • Request a specific month. Photos are randomly placed throughout the year.
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Our Tripawds calendar models collection are available for purchase in the Tripawds Gift Shop on or around Halloween. Proceeds help keep the Tripawds community online.

The more calendars you purchase, the more you help this community stay online! Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Your Tripawds Calendar Photo is Wanted!”

  1. I’m really happy to find this site. Everyone is going through pretty much the same thing with her for babies. My poor guy has been going through it for seven months and he’s not even 2 yrs old. But I can say it did not stop him one bit. He runs my backyard like he’s running on a greyhound track. My only problem is I’m needing help with the end of our debt though and I don’t know where to reach out to get it were making payment every month and the bill was almost $3500 for his amputation and it’s down to 2700 now, so if anybody can you guide me in the right direction or from Illinois

    • Hi Stacey welcome to the Tripawds I’m relatively new here too our beloved Nova was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January and she’s done soooo well. I found this site by chance and they are soooo supportive and give amazing advice and guidance it put my mom and stepdad at ease knowing there were lots of other people going through the same things as us. So once again welcome from me and Nova and wish your fur baby lots of prayers, love and strength to go through and beat anything that comes his way xoxo


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