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With Thanks, Tripawds Family

It’s Thanksgiving here in America. We just want to say “Thanks, Tripawds Nation!” for another year of caring, compassion, and friends helping each other through the ups and downs of life on three legs.

Thanks Tripawds

None of us knew how this year would go. Most of us would agree that last year was so horrible, and this year didn’t start off looking too great either. But once again, Tripawds members were a bright spot in our crazy times.

Since 2006 you have restored our faith in humanity on a daily basis. And this year, pet parents around the world once again showed up to freely offer support and friendship. 

From diagnosis, to recovery, and beyond, there is so much love and compassion in this community. For that, friends, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude. 

Thank you for the countless acts of kindness and wisdom exchanged in our Tripawds Forums, on the Helpline, at the Tripawds Facebook page and Instagram channel, and behind the scenes, too. 

Thank you for the tolerance, judgement-free advice, lending an ear to listen and strong shoulders to lean on.

You are a bright spot in the Universe. 

With Thanks, Tripawds Family

There aren’t enough words to adequately express how much this community means to everyone here, and veterinary professionals who send worried pet parents to this community each and every day. 

Thank you for helping three-legged cats and dogs live happier, healthier lives they deserve.

Tripawds parents are the best people on the planet. 

We are so grateful for you all year long.

But especially on Thanksgiving Day 2021.

May your food be hot and plentiful, your day filled with joy. and may your pets surround you with the kind of unconditional love that you give to this community each and every day.


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