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Tripawd Tuesday: Bowie, the Three-Legged Superhero!

Aren’t foster failure love stories the best? Today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebrates Bowie, a three-legged superhero who won his foster mama’s heart.

Superhero Tripawd Bowie
Bowie’s mama made this pawesome illustration!

Read on and you’ll see exactly why this foster failure turned out to be the best thing ever for a very lucky shelter pup!

Bowie’s Three-Legged Superhero Tripawd Love Story

by Michelle Tinkham

Unlike a lot of you, my furbaby, Bowie, did not become a “tripawd” as the result of cancer but instead from an untreated injury before I met him.

A little background…in Feb of this year, I agreed to foster three puppies, roughly 2 months old, in order to socialize them for adoption.

foster failure Tripawd Bowie
“it turned out he had a broken elbow in his front leg.”

All were petrified of people and there was some talk that they were feral. The first night I had them, I noticed one limping (which was not documented by the shelter).

I did finally get approval for a vet to see him and it turned out he had a broken elbow in his front leg. Of course, being a homeless shelter dog, their first instinct was to euthanize him. I felt so distraught that he never had a chance at a real home, which I couldn’t let happen, and agreed to pay for his surgery if cost was a factor.

Ultimately the vet decided to amputate that entire limb rather than trying to repair.

Fast forward to present day. One of the three pups was adopted but my little three-legged superhero and his sister were not. I had been fostering for three months and would have had to take them back to the shelter, even though both were still quite skittish. I just couldn’t and as you can imagine, both became foster failures and have blossomed into adorable loving pups.

Bowie, my tripawd, is just as active as my other three dogs.

He runs and plays just like he had all four legs. He is a little clumsy at times so I make him wear a shirt to protect his skin, but usually he “Houdini’s” a way to get it off. I think I have a harder time with his condition than he does. I am always worried he will hurt the other leg or if he’s in pain.

Tripawd Superhero Bowie
“He runs and plays just like he had all four legs.”

I studied a ton of information regarding canine rehab, supplements and other things to try to keep him safe and healthy (like joining this group) and so far, he’s just like any other 7 month old puppy. Plus, he is so affectionate and loves to cuddle… he has definitely won my heart.

Any time I’m not feeling well, I look at this little creature with so many disadvantages to start and how he is so resilient and it makes me reset and focus on being grateful for the present and the blessing he is in my life.

Bowie is not to be confused with Piggy – the first Tripawd Superhero with his own comic book series.

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