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Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Anniston’s New Life

What a joy to get this Tripawd Tuesday story about Anniston, a beautiful Tripawd rescue pup. You’ll give her a big 3-paws up when you see how Caitlin Caulfield helped her leave the mean streets and give this special girl the family she deserves. Enjoy!

Anniston Tennessee Tripawd Rescue
From Tennessee to Massachusetts, this girl is living the life she deserves!

Anniston Finds Her Way Home

Anniston is a lovely 3 year old Labrador retriever and Anatolian shepherd mixed breed who hails from Tennessee.


She has not had an easy life. Anniston was abandoned on the streets of Tennessee and was hit by a car in June. Thankfully, she was rescued by the amazing people of McNairy County Humane Society who got her the care she needed.


Due to the accident, she lost her front leg and also became blind in one eye. And if that weren’t enough, when the vet was checking her blood work prior to amputation, she found out Anniston was pregnant as well! Anniston had 12 healthy puppies in August, who were all adopted out to great families. 


She’s Overcoming Her Fears and Getting Stronger

We were lucky enough to adopt Anniston in September and she is now living her best life in Massachusetts. She is the sweetest and most well-mannered dog ever!! You would never guess that she has experienced the trauma she has in her short 3 years of life! 


She is only 4 months out from the accident and she is getting along great on only 3 legs. She still has some anxiety and is scared of a lot of things, but she is overcoming her fears each and every day.

Anniston loves asking everyone and anyone to pet her by sitting next to them and pawing at them.


She also loves to dig and then lay in the hole she has created!


And with the life she has had to endure, how can I really tell her no?


She is our little miracle! We love her so much!


You can follow Anniston’s adventures
on instagram @annistonthetripod

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