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Walking the Talk on Jerry’s Angelversary

Our fearless founder was born on October 1, 1998 and earned his angel wings on October 3, 2008. Today is his Angelversary. His earthly presence is deeply missed, but his legacy lives on and his lessons are more relevant than ever.

Jerry’s Angelversary Lesson

This upside down year has been a doozy. If you find yourself wishing it was over, just know that you’re not alone. We get it. We feel that way too sometimes. A lot, really!  “Now, where’s that reset button?” we keep wondering.

Ah, if only we could go back to the days when Jerry was loving life on three in his hometown of Eureka, California! Here are some fun clips before and after he became a Tripawd. These were taken before we hit the road to travel with Jerry.

It’s easy to slide into the trap of wishing for tomorrow, but that’s no way to live today. After all, the Here and Now is the only thing that’s guaranteed and tomorrow may never come. So why waste time spinning your wheels on something so futile? Animals don’t hope the day away, and neither should we if we want to Be More Dog.

So when you find yourself hoping that time will speed up and we can get on with life as we once knew it. please allow one of Jerry’s most important life lessons to guide you.

Be More Dog.

Tripawd Jerry's Angelversary Tribute
Jerry with his old friend Zeus, Eureka California.

Accept life for what it is, and people for who they are. Be tolerant and determined to live a happy life. Embrace the day without expectations and give thanks for the chance to be part of it. This was how Jerry lived; this is his legacy.

On Jerry’s angelversary and celebration of life, we honor all that he taught us. Be More Dog! Be More Cat! And may the wisdom of our beloved leader and your own Tripawd hero brighten your days and show you the way to happier tomorrows.

Long live Jerry’s legacy! Long live the legacy of all our Tripawd Heroes!

10 thoughts on “Walking the Talk on Jerry’s Angelversary”

  1. Oh, thank you. A reminder that was badly needed right now. Beautiful Jerry, thank you for all you’ve done for all of us. I don’t know what I’d do without this community.
    hugs for the hoomans.
    Teri and Angel Isa

  2. I didn’t get around to commenting. Hoppy Angelversary. I know this day is always tough and this year even tougher. Know Jerry is up there with your Dad. Thinking of you all and thank you for starting this family.

    MIchelle, Snickers, Jasmine, Chief & Angels Sassy, Bosch and Baby Simba

  3. Happy Angelversary Jerry! Your wisdom still prevails with every passing year. As I reflect on my own journey two years ago as Applesauce began her last chapter, the best advice we followed was just to be more dog. We reach a threshold where we know when to stop our need to fix and just be. It’s a hard to let go. In today’s world I still miss and reflect on all that she was and with organizations such as this allow me to keep her spirit and memory alive without judgement. Love and light sweet boy! You’ve left an incredible legacy!

    • “We reach a threshold where we know when to stop our need to fix and just be.” Beautifully said Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing, for being a part of this community and most importantly for bringing Applesauce into our life. We are better people because of her. xoxo

  4. It is clear to see how happy Jerry was. Even on three he was faster then Brownie on four! Jerry lived such an amazing life, that only a dog can dream of! Rene and Jim, you are definitely Jerry’s heroes!

    Happy Angelversary Jerry! I know by now that you have met Brownie, and the two are you are having all kinds of fun! Jerry, please keep Brownie out of trouble. I know you are so proud of your mom and dad for helping so many people!

    Jerry, we all owe you so much gratitude, because of you this community was born! Even from the bridge, you have taught so many people such valuable lessons, and you will always be remembered and live in our hearts!

    • Nancy, that’s so sweet, thank you! It means a lot to know that you are here helping others, even though I know it’s not always easy.

      And you’re right, Brownie is such a cool buddy! You cannot even imagine all the fun that we are having with all our Tripawd heroes, it’s incredible! And together all of us are still watching over our humans, helping them spread the lessons that we taught when we had our earth clothes. Thank you for mkaing the world a better place!


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