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Time for Amputee Pets Celebrate to TriDay 2020!

It’s here! Today amputee pets and their people celebrate TriDay 2020, the best day of the year to share Tripawd Awareness. Ready to join the fun?

TriDay 2020 Celebrates Amputee Pets
It’s 3/3 on a Tripawd Tuesday!

Amputee Pets and People Celebrate TriDay 2020 to Win Fun Prizes!

Calling all Tripawd Heroes and Humans: today between 9 am and 6 pm Pacific, if you share your story with the world you can be entered in a fun contest to win some bling!

STEP 1: Share your Tripawds story in one of the following places:

In this Discussion Forums post, “Share Your Story: TriDay 2020

Three legged dog and cat Discussion Forums
Share your Tripawd love story in our Discussion Forums

On the Tripawds Facebook Page

Tripawds three legged dog and cat community on Facebook
Hop over to Facebook and share your pet’s Tripawd story.

On our Instagram channel

three-legged dog and cat stories
Are you on IG? We’ll share your Tripawd love story there too!

Or on the Tripawds Twitter stream.

Tripawd dog and cat support community news on Twitter
If you Tweet, hop on over to Twitter!

Stories must be at least:

  • 200 characters on Twitter
  • 100 words on Instagram, Facebook or in the Tripawds Discussion Forum

STEP 2: Tag us on social media, along with “#TRIDAY2020”  

Forums users can skip this step. Your tag will alert us that you have entered the contest. Forums users can skip this step (we will re-share your Forum post on our Facebook page).

STEP 3: Once your post is shared on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, ask your friends and family to share that post. 

The person with the most shares of our post about your 3-legged hero
by 6pm Pacific on 3/3, wins the contest! 

Win Cool Tripawds Prizes for Tripawd Awareness!

The top three people with the most shares will win prizes including:

FIRST PLACE: A special gift pack filled with a Tripawds sticker, button, magnet, and a free Tripawds bandanna.

three legged dog and cat gifts

SECOND PLACE: A Tripawds 3-paw sticker and button.

three legged dog and cat gifts

THIRD PLACE: A Tripawds 3-paw sticker.

three legged dog and cat gifts

Today’s three TriDay 2020 winners will get featured in an upcoming Tripawd Tuesday spotlight on the Tripawds News blog.

Let’s all take time to help amputee pets and people celebrate TriDay 2020! We can make the most of it by sharing our Tripawd love story and telling the world “It’s better to hop on three than to limp on four!”

Sharing is Caring!

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