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Is It Safe to Let a Tripawd Dog Deliver Puppies? Ask Klaire!

Prepare for Tripawd cuteness overload today. Through the years a few members have asked if it was safe to let a Tripawd dog deliver puppies (and we suspect that a few Tripawd cat parents may wonder the same thing). We didn’t know of any success stories, until now. 

what if a Tripawd dog gets pregnant?
Klaire the Golden Tripawd lost her leg in an accident, then gave birth to puppies!

She Didn’t Know if it was OK to Let Her New Tripawd Deliver Puppies

Meet Klaire. This lovely lady lost her leg when she was struck by a drunk driver on July 12. Her mom, Jamie Elizabeth, explains the terrible tragedy as follows:

“Two hours before the accident in all the chaos while setting up for our daughter grad party we found my father in laws farm dog and Klaire together. Well the ER vet said with all the trauma nothing would become of it . . . 

can a three-legged dog give birth
New mom Klaire and her puppies.

but low and behold 61 days later we are blessed with these 4 little pups. Such a silver lining in all of this. ❤️

A Long Road From Amputation Recovery to Giving Birth

Obviously we want everyone to make sure their girl dogs are protected against unwanted litters. But we also know accidents happen. When they do, well, it seems that it would probably be OK to let a Tripawd dog deliver puppies. New mom Klaire proved she could, on September 13th.

Jamie continues . . .

I wasn’t even sure if it was possible because I couldn’t find anything online about it but she’s done great. We have still had to make special adjustments for her like the whelping box. I had to tape card board around the sides and leave one size shorter because with her missing hind leg she’s unable to hop out as well as a four legged dog. But all and all it’s worked out so far!

Tripawd dog deliver puppies
Klaire had just recovered from amputation surgery when she had four puppies.

It wasn’t always rainbows and puppy dog tails for Klaire. She barely recovered from amputation surgery when it was time to let this three-legged dog give birth. She had four Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd/Border Collies puppies, says Jamie.

It’s been such a rough few months.  She fell one day post surgery and split her stitches open and had to have her wound stapled and restitched, rushing back to the surgeon I was really worried she was going to bleed out.  These pups are such a silver lining for all this.

If you suspect your Tripawd female is pregnant, please seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible. We aren’t vets, and we are not sure if giving birth is possible for all Tripawd female dogs (or cats, for that matter). It’s wise to check with your veterinarian soon after you suspect a litter is on the way.

And if it was safe to let your own three-legged dog give birth to a litter, we would love to hear more about your Tripawd pregnancy experience in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Is It Safe to Let a Tripawd Dog Deliver Puppies? Ask Klaire!”

  1. Hi we are about to have a rear leg of our lab amputated after an RTA.
    Over the years i have had many labs but this one is the first that i have thought about having puppies as she is such special beautiful loving dog and would make a great mother.
    is that now out of the question, can she carry the extra weight with one leg, could it damage the remaining leg through to much strain are there other considerations ? am i being stupid
    any advice please help
    thank you

    • Ian, it’s a good idea to check with a rehab therapist to find out if she has any orthopedic or muscular conditions that may be adversely affected. After she loses her leg (sorry to hear that’s happening!), our Tripawds Foundation can cover the cost of the rehab evaluation so do take advantage of the program. And no you are not being stupid, just madly in love with your sweet girl!

  2. I have read everyone’s stories, thank you. My question with regards to a tripawd dog having puppies was more about the pregnancy, than delivery and raising of the pups. Our girl is missing her front limb, after a jump over a high wall shattered her leg bone beyond repair
    She has not once acted like she only has three legs. She is fit, healthy and an amazing mum. The intention was always to keep a puppy from a litter. I am devastated that it potentially is not an option anymore. She is a German Shepherd and has been BVA scored, Embark DNA profiled and health tested.

    Thank you in advance

  3. I wanted to adopt a tea cup or a toy Chihuahua that could have babies. And the only one that I could find has a damaged leg. They said she was born that way. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take her to the vet before I decide to adopt her. I want one litter. Before I get her spayed Does anyone have any thoughts to share with me?.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for asking. I would strongly urge you to advocate for a vet visit before deciding to adopt. If the rescue or breeder won’t let you do that, I would not go forward with it. As with any Tripawd, there are costs that are paid for a missing leg and it’s important to know what you are looking at with her before deciding to adopt/breed. Consider posting in our Discussion Forums for more feedback from the community.

  4. I have a yorkie with one of her front legs amputated because she got hit by a car and she is now expecting im really worried cause her belly is really hot . Is that normal .

    • Alice, we are sorry this happened, so glad she lived. But please ask your vet this question. Hopefully this is nothing but it could need medical care so give them a call. Update us in the Forums when you get a chance. See you there.

  5. Hello Everyone I read All of you messages My 3 legged dog is expecting in January and I wanted to see has anyone else was feeling like ME

    P.S I will keep you all updated

  6. Thank you for sharing. My dog just had a litter of 10 puppies and one born without a right front limb. She is so healthy and thriving. I was really worried and not sure what to plan for. This makes me feel much better about her having a quality life without a lot of problems.

  7. My dog had puppies and one little girl was born without a front leg, I was really concerned so went straight to vets with her and the vet told me that she would be okay, so I decided to give her a chance and to keep her. She had a condition called Amniotic Ring, where a hole appeared in the amniotic sack and her leg poked through, but as she grew, the hole didn’t stretch and it cut off the blood supply in her leg and it withered off, so she was born missing a right front leg.

    I called her Sasha and she was a gorgeous little thing, half Shih tzu and half Lhasa Apso. She adjusted well to only having three legs and didn’t seem to have any problem with it. She held her own with her siblings and ran round and played just like them.

    After the rest of the litter were sold she settled into her life and just got on with things, she could run as fast as my other dogs and loved playing with them and only having three legs didn’t hold her back at all. My other dog had puppies, and Sasha loved to get in the box with them and pretend they were her pups, she had such a strong maternal instinct, treating the pups like they were her own. I hadn’t intended to breed with her, but she was such a natural mum I decided to let her have a litter.
    She sailed through her pregnancy and she had two beautiful pups a boy and a girl with no health problems and the pups where all perfectly normal and all had 4 legs. She was a fantastic mother, the pups did well, I sold the little girl and kept the boy who is called Hugo.

    I’m so glad I kept her, she is such a lovely natured dog, and she enjoys her life. I was worried how she would cope as a Tripawed dog, but it’s not been an issue and she doesn’t need any special assistance. Letting her have puppies was great, she was such a good mum.


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