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Free Rehab Webinar! Help Your Three-Legged Pet Get Strong

When Tripawds founder Jerry came home after amputation surgery, his vet said “Just let him be a dog.” We didn’t know what that meant for a Tripawd. If only we had a canine rehabilitation therapist ready to explain how to help a three-legged dog (or cat) get strong. But now, you do!

how to help a tripawd dog or cat get strong
Learn Tripawd fitness in this free webinar!

On Tuesday, August 27, the Veterinary Teaching Academy is hosting a free webinar for veterinary professionals and non-vet pet parents like us. It’s called How to Manage a New Tri-Limb Patient Following Surgery.

Rehab vet shows how to help a three-legged dog or cat get strong (and stay injury free!)

Free Tripawd fitness tips from canine rehab therapist
Dr. Waterhouse and Nalu

Whether your three-legged hero has been a Tripawd for days, months, or years, this free webinar is a must-watch for any Tripawd pet parent. Tune in on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 6 pm Eastern Time, when Dr. John Waterhouse, BVSc, CCRP, founder of Veterinary Teaching Academy, will share fitness and exercise tips for amputee pets.

how to help a tripawd dog or cat get strong

Sign up for the Tuesday webinar and you will learn important Tripawd health tips such as:

  • How to help new Tri-limb get up and around during the post-operative period
  • The newest approaches to preventing injuries
  • How to maintain joint health
  • Details on a 12-week rehabilitation therapy plan to help a new Tripawd regain strength and stamina
how to help a tripawd dog or cat get strong
Don’t miss this important Tripawd health webinar!

How to watch your free Tripawd fitness webinar:

Step 1: Register at

Step 2: Watch for email notifications with access information,. It will be sent on the day before and on the day of the webinar, Tuesday August 27, 2019.

Step 3: Tune in free, any time during the next 36 hours! All free participants will have 36-hours to watch the webinar at no additional charge.

UPDATE: This free webinar is no longer available to the public, only Veterinary Teaching Academy members.

Learn from the best vet expert in canine rehab therapy.

Free Tripawd fitness tips
Dr. Waterhouse trains vet experts at the Veterinary Teaching Academy

Dr. Waterhouse is a leading canine rehabilitation therapist who graduated in 2004 from the University of Sydney Veterinary School in Australia.

In his early days as a general practitioner, he was drawn to the areas of veterinary alternative medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture.

amputee pet physical therapy
Get the latest tips in amputee pet fitness.

In 2010, John moved to the USA to undertake a fellowship in pain management and rehabilitative medicine, and an externship in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. Later, he became a Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner (CCRP) through the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Waterhouse went on to help build and open the new Canine Rehabilitation & Arthritis Center in Colorado Springs, owned and operated by Dr. Mike Bauer of the Colorado Canine Orthopedic Group.

He speaks at vet conferences on the topics of Canine Arthritis and Pain Management in relation to canine sports medicine, and is also founder of the Veterinary Teaching Academy.

Along with his wife, veterinarian Dr. Celia Waterhouse, the duo teaches veterinary professionals the latest canine rehabilitation methods, while giving non-veterinary professionals access to evidence-based information that improves our pets’ health and quality of life.

how to help a tripawd dog or cat get strong
Learn Tripawd fitness in this free webinar!

Don’t miss this important Tripawd health webinar! See you on Tuesday.

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4 thoughts on “Free Rehab Webinar! Help Your Three-Legged Pet Get Strong”

  1. I have 2 tripawd dogs, both rear leg amputees. One is 2 years, Shepherd mix small female 45 lb, the other lab mix 7 years 75lb.
    My lab mix is experiencing difficulty in walking, going up stairs, and getting up after sitting. I have tried rimadyl, and the “g” drug, neither seem to get much relief and make his mood strange. Have also tried glucosemine and recently CBC I his food.
    Seems like soreness in his back and groin, when I massage him
    Where to go from here. Laser?, massage? When I exercise him, he cannot get up but drags his rear….so I don’t
    He loves his life, too young to die, and I have another dog. Owing up and want her to have a long life
    As we face winter and colder weather it just gets much harder for him to move go upstairs and be active.

    Any suggestions you might have please let me know I live in Parker Colorado

    the other 7 years

    • Please consult with a certified canine rehab therapist for proper evaluation, treatment recommendations and the best exercise program designed specifically for your pup. (Walks do not build strength, only stamina.) Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit!


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