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It’s Veterinary Appreciation Day! #veterinarylove

Today is Veterinary Appreciation Day everyone. Have you told your favorite veterinary professionals they are awesome? Now’s your chance!

Share Your #VeterinaryLove Story Today!

Veterinary professionals are under more stress now, for many reasons. For one, many pet parents are having a hard time paying for care that gets more expensive each year.

Plus, the “compassion fatigue” that vet teams ensure from taking care of elderly, sick and neglected pets also makes their job tough. In fact things are so bad that the veterinarian suicide rate has risen annually over the last 36 years. Put them together and being part of a veterinary team can be very, very stressful.

If you have a Tripawd in your life then you understand the important role our veterinary professionals play in making sure that our pets have the best quality of life possible. Please take time to tell your vet team what they have done to help your Tripawd thrive, and share it on social media. We know they will appreciate it.

What kinds of awesome things has your vet done to make your Tripawd’s life great? Tell your story and let everyone know!

Veterinary Appreciation Day™ was created by Trupanion Pet Insurance in 2015. Sure, vets are important every day but this one was set aside so more people than ever can have fun showing appreciation for the veterinary professionals in the world who keep our pets healthy.

How to Tell Your Veterinary Team You Love Them

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Thanks Trupanion for Veterinary Appreciation Day!

Tell Trupanion your veterinary love story on Instagram and Twitter. The company is broadcasting all our #VeterinaryLove tweets and Insta-posts live in Times Square on the NASDAQ tower all day!

Tag your story with #veterinarylove

Tag your vet office with their social media handle

Don’t forget to tag it #Tripawd too!

Not only will your veterinary team appreciate your shout out, but so will the world. There just isn’t enough time or ways to show our Tripawd’s medical team that they rock but we can start with today. We can’t wait to read your #veterinarylove story!

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