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Three Games for Tripawd Cat Exercises

Keeping a Tripawd fit is even more important than it is for four-legged animals. This is especially true when it comes to three-legged cats. Less excess weight means less joint stress, which equals a better quality of life over time. These three games for simple Tripawd cat exercises can help your Trikitty stay healthy and pain-free.

Three Tripawd Cat Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness

Tripawd cat exercises

Before you get started on any type of exercise program, please have your cat examined by your veterinarian (preferably a certified animal rehabilitation expert) to get a clean bill of health. And don’t forget, the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab Grant may pay for your first consultation!

You can also read up on nutrition tips we share in our latest e-book, “Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats.”

Fun, Easy Workout Games Cats Love

Tripawd cat exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Anything that gets your cat moving and playing safely means you are helping to burn calories.

Always start exercising your cat gradually and carefully to avoid injury. Watch closely for any signs of pain (refer to pain scale chart for indicators).

The Feather on a Stick Game

The tried and true Feather on a Stick Game is excellent play for a Tripawd cat. Tempt your cat into a game once daily for one or two minutes. JJ the Bengal Trikitty loves this game!

The Laser Point Stretch

Encourage your cat to stretch out by pointing a laser part way up a wall. Do this once or twice daily for two minutes at most.

Stretch and Stand

Ask your cat to sit on an unstable surface, like a couch cushion or Balance Disc. Then, tempt your three-legged hero with a favorite toy by holding it just out of reach. Get your cat to stand and stretch for the treat like Trikitty Feta is doing, then reward! Do this once daily for a minute or so. 

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Do you have pictures and videos of your Tripawd cat exercising? We would love to see them! Comment below with a URL or email us today!

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