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“Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats” Book is Here to Help

Five years ago a brave cat mom stepped into our dog-centric Tripawds community with Fang’s Story about cat amputation. As our first feline Trikitty member, Fang started a new era of support for dog and cat amputees and their humans. Our newest book, “Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats,” is now available thanks to this special kitty and the dozens more who have joined us since.

feline amputation
Fang was the first feline Tripawds blogger.

Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats Helps Feline Parents Cope with Life on Three Legs

Nobody ever expects their animal to lose a leg, but sometimes it’s the only way to a better quality of life. When that happens, “Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats,” can help worried cat parents feel more comfortable with the journey.

Made Possible by the Tri-kitty Members

Tripawd Cat E-bookFeline parents have had little support to help them through the amputation ordeal. Today, they don’t have to go through it alone. In addition to our Three Legged Cats Discussion Forum, this book is the first handbook for pet parents of three-legged cats (at least that we know about). And it happened thanks to the enthusiastic support, eagle-eye editorial development and cheerleading of Tripawds’ beloved Purrkins and his incredible mom, Holly.

three legged cat
Purrkins and Holly helped make this book happen!

Because of Purrkins and Holly’s major role in this project, we are now able to help three-legged cat parents with an all new way to get the knowledge they need. The downloadable PDF is a helpful interactive book packed with tips about:

  • How cats really cope on three legs
  • How to help a Tripawd cat recover smoothly
  • Pain management for post-op care and beyond
  • Litter box tips and ways to Tripawd-proof your home
  • Diet, nutrition and exercise ideas for staying fit
  • and real-life examples of Tripawd felines having a great life!

The book summarizes is a compilation of our community’s most helpful tips and information about amputation, as shared by cat lovers from here and around the globe. 

Readers will also learn about feline Tripawds from top veterinarians, rehabilitation experts and others in the veterinary community. Plus, as a thank you gift for readers,”Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats also includes special free bonus material such as:

  • Important questions to ask your veterinarian
  • Recovery diet and nutrition worksheet
  • A feline acute pain scale chart
  • and more!
First Feline Amputation E-book is available for just $16.99
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2 thoughts on ““Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats” Book is Here to Help”

  1. My precious 4 yr. old angel Fuzzette had a histiocytic sarcoma on her hind right leg which had to be amputated after she went through surgery to remove the lump and it came back within 2 months; she is now tripawd and 12 days past surgery. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see an innocent in pain no less go through an amputation.


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