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Tripawd Tuesday: Max Shows Why Second Opinions Matter

We see it all too often around here: a dog or cat is immediately dismissed as an amputation candidate because of their age or other health condition. Thankfully, we also see how second opinions from another veterinarian can give those same animals more quality time with the humans they love. Max is one such pup and today we are thrilled to share his Tripawd Tuesday cancer victory story!

Max the Tripawd Hero
Max is thriving because of a 2nd opinion!

Please join us in a round of applawse for Max’s victory, as told by his mom Jennifer from Texas.

The Second Opinion That Changed Max’s Life

In May of 2018, our sweet Max was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in one hind leg and a torn ACL in his other hind leg.

Although his regular veterinary referred him to a veterinary oncologist, their preliminary recommendation was palliative care. So basically, make him as comfortable as possible since aggressive treatment would be too painful given his 10 yr age and injured leg.

However, his oncologist had a different opinion and quickly assured us that amputation and chemo therap was the best road. Initial lung scans did not show any signs of cancer so we went with the oncologist recommendation.

Max Tripawd Hero
Recovery wasn’t easy, but he made it!

Max is enjoying his best life!

The first week after amputation was rough with many doubts about whether we made the right choice. Max didn’t move around much and needed assistance to use the restroom. His remaining hind leg appeared weak and we were worried he wouldn’t recover.

Fast forward to August 2018 and 4 sessions of chemo later and he is running around, playing with his siblings, and navigating his surroundings. Although he still chooses not to go up stairs, he most definitely could if he wanted.

Lung scan still show no signs of cancer!

Max Tripawd Hero
Max is thriving and loving life!

We are thankful for the time we have bought and pray for some additional years with him. The chemo has had minimal side effects. He still is a little slow moving after an exciting doctor visit with all the jumping and running but that is most likely due to his torn ACL.

We could not be happier with our decision as our Max is a fighter and enjoying his best life! 4 months cancer free and counting!

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6 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Max Shows Why Second Opinions Matter”

  1. Here, too, this is such an important message!!! Our vet said Fallon was too old, tall, and arthritic for an amputation. We went further, to a greyhound expert doc and our surgeon–and Fallon will be at her one year ampuversary in October, so far cancer free!!!. I think, sadly, that too many people just take that first opinion.

  2. Our Sophie was 12 yrs when she was diagnosed with Osteocarcoma. Our vet did not see it on the x-ray, but offered us the option of having a radiologist read the films, which we agreed to, thank heavens. We chose amputation, 6 rounds of chemo, metronomic therapy, apocaps and Canine Immunity. She lived to 16 1/2, well over 4 years cancer free. She lived her life fully, and was just herself but missing a leg until the end. We lost her in April, miss her terribly, but are happy to hear your story. Good luck, and we would not hesitate to do it all again.

    • Oh wow Bill, what a story! Sophie rocked life on 3 thanks to you! We are sorry she’s an angel now, but what a victorious life she led. Thank you for sharing.

  3. YEP,

    When my Cookie was diagnosed by our regular vet he gave NO OPTION? , just your dog has 1 or 2 months to live. Well I decided to get a 2nd opinion. Here we are 6 months post op finished with chemo and about to start the vaccine and we are doing Great

    • Wow Doug has it really been six months? Incredible! You need to send your story for Tripawd Tuesday. PM me with it! Congrats and thank you for being a great advocate for your girl!


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