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Tripawd Tuesday: Hiroaki, the Light of My Life

The name “Hiroaki” means “abundant light” in Japanese, and it’s a purrfect description for heaven’s newest Trikitty Angel. Today for Tripawd Tuesday, Hiroaki is in the spotlight, so that we may honor his life and reflect on the happier times he shared with his pride.

Hiroaki Tripawd Cat
Angel Kitty, Hiroaki

For seven years this special kitty was the light of Samantha and Sebastian’s life. Just a few weeks ago when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancer so rare in cats,  nobody dreamed he wouldn’t survive amputation recovery. Tragically, he did not, and our community grieved.  

Heartbroken, Samantha shared his life story in the Forums shortly after his passing. We are sharing the highlights, so the whole world can know what a special kitty he was.

Honoring Hiroaki, the Light of My Life

Tripawd Tuesday Hiroaki ostesoarcoma
Tiny, abandoned Hiroaki finds his purrfect people

“Hiroaki’s story started in August 2011. While bowling for our league a friend posted a picture on facebook of a cute little kitty she found outside her house. He was so tiny and helpless . . . 

He would be our second cat, his older sister is named Emmy . . .

Hiroaki was always an odd little kitty. He would often jump in grocery bags or the laundry hamper then look at us and give us a cute little meow. He also loved to give us headbutts. Hiroaki is the only one of our 3 cats that ever did this, to me it made him Hiroaki.

Tripawd Tuesday Hiroaki ostesoarcoma

I never imagined I would have a baby with 3 legs. We expected that first night to be a little rough for all of us. After spending the night reading everything I could find I thought for sure he would recover and be fine. By around 3PM Thursday, he had not gotten up at all except to try and get comfortable again. He had not attempted to eat or drink anything, begin the intense worry. To google I went and this is when I came to the forums on Tripawds for advice. . . 

Monday October 1 at 745 AM I received one of the worst texts you could possibly get while at work, “I’m sorry baby, he died last night.”  . . . 

Tripawd Tuesday Hiroaki ostesoarcoma

I have still not been able to talk to any of the vets but I believe that he did ultimately die of heart failure. I just wonder if this could have been prevented in any way, or if we would have taken him in before he went 4 days without food if he would still be here. I am trying not to think like this as it will only drive me mad with guilt but it’s where my mind keeps going back to. . . ”

You can read more about Hiroaki and share your condolences with Samantha.

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Hiroaki, the Light of My Life”

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post honoring Hiroaki. We both are still struggling to fully accept that he is gone. It has been 2 of the longest weeks of our lives but we have to go on for us, his sisters and his memory. I see signs of my little boy everywhere.

    • Paw shucks, it’s the least we could do for being introduced to such an amazing kitty. How wonderful his energetic presence is so strong in your life. We have no doubt it will continue. Much love & hugs to the pride.


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