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Pet Cancer Checklist has 12 Ways to Avoid the Disease

Scientists don’t yet understand how to cure pet cancer, but they do know some ways to minimize the risk. A new pet cancer checklist from Morris Animal Foundation features many thought-provoking ideas we can start implementing to lower the risk of the disease for our pets (and ourselves!).

Download the New Morris Pet Cancer Checklist

You’ve probably heard about cancer warning signs that include mysterious lumps and bad breath, but did you know that there are many things we can do to prevent the disease in the first place? Morris Animal Foundation has important tips for to learn more about pet cancer, so download it today and feel more empowered than ever.

pet cancer checklist
There is more! Download Morris’ pet cancer checklist.

In the new Pet Cancer Checklist, you’ll learn that the number one way to avoid pet cancer is to stay away from second hand smoke. There’s much more interesting information to uncover, like the the top five pet cancer prevention tips featured:

  1. Avoid secondhand smoke
  2. Monitor your pet’s weight
  3. Become an expert on your pet’s breed
  4. Have regular veterinary check-up
  5. Minimize exposure to sunlight

If you download the checklist you’ll find a total of twelve ways to help your pet avoid cancer. Everything from avoiding lawn chemicals to adding vegetables to your pet’s diet are discussed and feature interesting ways you can keep cancer far away from your pets.

Find more tips to learn about
pet cancer prevention and detection

The scientists who conduct pet cancer research can do it thanks to generous support by donors who give to the Morris Animal Foundation. There’s no need to feel like a cancer diagnosis is inevitable. Empower yourself! Take a minute to download this latest checklist and protect your beloved three and four legged fur kids — and yourselves — from this terrible disease.

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