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How to Use the Tripawds Chat and Discussion Forums

Every day new friendships are born in the Tripawds nation. Want to be a part of the magic? Read on to learn how to use the Tripawds Chat and Discussion Forums.

Meet Members in the Tripawds Chat and Discussion Forums

At your fingertips is a live Tripawds chat room that’s available 24/7. Talk to others who understand what you’re going through. Hop on over, you never know who’s hanging out.

How to Use the Tripawds Chat Room

Tripawds Chat and Discussion Forums

The Live Tripawds Chat Room is a fun way for registered members to communicate. Chat posts do not stay in the box once new conversations get started. It works like this:

  1. If others are in the chat room when you arrive, you’ll see their avatar photo on the right side of the chat box.
  2. See someone listed? Type something, introduce yourself, and wait for a response.  You will know someone has arrived in the chat when you hear Jerry bark. 
  3. Don’t hear a bark? Feel free to browse the Forums while you wait. Keep your live Tripawds Chat window open, launch a new browser tab and get to know Tripawds while you wait for someone to arrive. 

Most Tripawds members show up in the chat room during evening hours (U.S. time zones). You’ll usually find Jerry’s pack in there during Pacific time zone working hours. If you have insomnia, go there, you never know who else is awake!

It’s like Snapchat

The live Tripawds Chat room happens in real time. It’s like the popular social sharing app Snapchat! Anything you say there will disappear once other members have a conversation. 

Don’t be shy! Show up, say something and hang out. Eventually you will meet others in your time zone who can relate to the Tripawd journey. 

If nopawdy is in the chat, you hop over to the Tripawds Discussion Forums and post your story while you wait for visitors. Here’s how the Forums work:

How to Use the Tripawds Discussion Forums

The Tripawds Discussion Forums are the best place to meet the community and introduce yourself. All posts remain there indefinitely. Watch this video to learn how to use the Forums:

In the Forums you can:

Your very first Forum post needs to be approved by one of our three Forums moderators. We do this to keep our Tripawds Forums spam-free. Once your first post is OK’d, you can post as much as you’d like anywhere in the Forums. Make sense?

Got questions about switching between the
Tripawds Forums and Chat room?

Contact us any time, we’re here to help!




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