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Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Three Paw the Two Legged Tripawd Cat

You know that Tripawds are inspawrational. But when a dog or cat loses a second leg, they redefine the word! We’ve had the honor of getting to know Three Paw, a sweet Tripawd cat in Italy who lost her third leg to a limb cancer.

Three Paw Tripawd Kitty
Tripawd or BiPawd, Three Paw Rocks!

If you haven’t had a chance to meet this sensational sweetheart, now’s the time to kick back and get to know her on Tripawd Tuesday! Here’s her story as told by momma Joanna in the “Any Two Paw Cat Owners Out There?” Discussion Forum topic.

“Her name is actually Three Paw. The reason is because I met her by some bins in Istanbul when i lived there. She lived on the same street where i was and i used to pass her every day waiting by the bins. She was already missing a paw then so I kind of called her that from the beginning. Then when she decided to move in (which was a long and elaborate courtship as Three Paw very much liked her freedom on the street but also with time found she fancied a soft bed, cuddles and regular food) her name had already stuck.

Three Paw
The beautiful Turkish kitty found her furever home.

I know the Turks on the street where she lived called her Melek as well which means angel in Turkish.

It is amazing how many people told me to put her to sleep because another amputation would be wrong and yet all i have now is animal with such a desire to live and eat and explore. Such an important life lesson for me to believe in my own instincts and give every living creature the chance they deserve.

Three Paw is doing brilliantly on her two paws. Running about the house and even on the stairs in the garden. Climbing the ramp to my bed. Eating well. Purring like a race car. Using her toilet like a boss. I cannot believe how well she is doing and I hope anyone who worries about amputating just one limb will see that even with two limbs animals can thrive.

We are going to try metronomic chemo just to see if we can retain the status quo. At present she is symptom free and happy. you should have seen her scaling the stairs this morning. 

Three Paw
Three Paw lives the good life in her beautiful Italian home.

. . . I feel very privileged to be on this journey with her. It is over four months since her amputation and they have been some of the best months of her life. No regrets here.  No resignation either.

Three Paw and I are just going to continue as we are… she is such a fighter. I believe in her.

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5 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Three Paw the Two Legged Tripawd Cat”

  1. Wow Three Paw is an amazing creature!
    Watching her tackle those stairs with only two legs is impressive and astonishing!
    She is very lucky to have you as her owner to be there by her side as she tackles the world!


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