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Tripawd Tuesday: Sadie the Doberman is Beating Cancer!

When you want hope, Tripawd Tuesday has it for you! Take Sadie the Three Legged Doberman. She is 11 and she has osteosarcoma, but that’s not stopping her from living life to the fullest. Sadie’s mom Carrie wants you to know that even after a cancer diagnosis, life can be great. Here’s their story.

Sadie the Doberman is Beating Cancer

sadie the doberman Tripawd
Sadie is 11 years young.

I remember the very day I got Sadie nearly 11 years ago. After growing up on Magnum PI reruns, I couldn’t wait to get a Doberman.

So when I got my first house, the first thing on the agenda was my very own Black and Tan male. I’d name him Zeus of course. But things really didn’t turn out as I planned. As I went to the breeders back yard to take my pick of the litter, I sat down to watch them play. Of course, they all ignored me as they wrestled with each other.

Sadie the Doberman Tripawd
Along came a puppy named Sadie.

But out of nowhere comes this red little runt. She didn’t hesitate to crawl in my lap and curl up. I was in love. We became best friends immediately and I experienced a love with her that was unconditional. She’s been my everything over the last decade.

She’s been through surgeries, illnesses, heart breaks, 10 moves, and a whole lot of sleepless nights. We’re inseparable. So, when a knot popped on her leg out of the blue I was deeply concerned thinking she must have fractured it somehow. We immediately went to the vet and I was floored when the X-ray showed a tumor.

Sadie the Doberman Tripawd
“I’ll be OK, Mom.”

I immediately had tears overwhelming me. I have an incredible vet who skipped his Thanksgiving vacation plans that evening to remove her leg the very day I brought her in. It seemed so radical; wasn’t there any other way? I was distraught, but knew my vet was experienced and was confident in his decision. 1 hour later as I sat nearly hysterical in a white walled cold room I hear the absolute worst sound of my life. Sadie awaking from anesthesia. It’s a sound I’ll never forget.

I took her home that night. Living in home with stairs, I drug our mattress to the main level and we camped out for 3 weeks on the floor. I hand fed her at times. She was depressed and my constant bouts of crying were not helping. However, within a month my baby was thriving! Running up steps, chasing squirrels, and even jumping on our bed. I was beyond relieved.

Sadie the Doberman Tripawd
Carrie and Sadie.

Luckily we caught the tumor in time. It was Osteosarcoma, but thank God it did not spread. I opted out of chemo due to her age. Nearly a year and a half later I still have my little cancer beater! She’s an amazing, beautiful soul and my favorite Tripawd of all time.

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Sadie the Doberman is Beating Cancer!”

  1. Absolutely wonderful tale!! I love how Sadie “picked” you so many years ago. Dragging your mattress to the floor and hand-feeding her show just how much you love her! My 14 1/2 year old border collie has just been diagnosed with leukemia and will only be with me probably another month or so. I am filling his last days with hamburger patties, chicken, his favorite walks, dog friends and human friends both. Your story gave me inspiration – thanks so much for sharing it! Best of luck to you and Sadie. 🙂

  2. What a tear-jerker! This story is a testament to God’s provision of a wonderful caregiver and the remarkable opportunity to thrive beyond, or inspite of a negative diagnosis. Quite inspiring!


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