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Amputee Pets Help is Here, Let’s Tell Everyone!

If you’re new to the Tripawds Nation you may not be aware that Tripawds Foundation has programs for amputee pets help. From money to pay for amputation surgery to free canine rehabilitation therapy, generous Tripawds Foundation donors helped grow our programs faster than we dreamed was possible. And now, we need Tripawds members to get the word out.

How to Get the Word Out About Tripawds Programs

amputee pets help
Spread the word, help more amputee dogs and cats!

Today we’re not asking for donations, we’re asking for your words and actions. We need volunteers to get on the horn and let vets and pet parents know that grants are available for amputee pets help. We want more applications. This will attract funding from animal welfare grant-makers. In return, we can help more Tripawds!

Here’s just a few things you can do to get the word out:

  • Share, Tweet and Pin Tripawds Foundation programs (see below) to your friends and family on social media
  • Request Tripawds Foundation brochures to give to your vet and local animal shelters
  • Help us create a press contacts database by adding names of pet writers
  • Get on the phone and call the media and local animal shelter clinics
  • Write to your favorite pet websites to write about Tripawds Foundation
  • Any and all other outreach ideas are appreciated!

We’ll guide you every step of the way, by giving you tools like press releases and artwork to share with people who can get the word out to pet parents. Are you ready? Chime in this Tripawds Discussion Forum Topic or email Jerry to let us know how you can help!

Share These Programs for Amputee Pets Help

The Tripawds Foundation has funds for amputee pets help. Here’s what the foundation can do for Tripawds community members.

The Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Fund

amputee pets help
Tripawds helps pay for pet amputation surgery costs.

Somewhere a pet parent has to choose between paying their rent and covering an unexpected, high veterinary bill. Many pets lose their lives prematurely because of this terrible choice. Tripawds Foundation chips-in $500 toward the cost of amputation surgery for low-income individuals. All details are outlined on the Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Program page.

The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawds Rehab

amputee pets help, tripawd
Amputee pets get strong with rehabilitation therapy helpl.

Each year more studies about canine rehab therapy prove that it can help amputee pets live stronger, better lives. The Tripawds Foundation grants up to $200 in reimbursement to Tripawds members who visit a certified animal rehabilitation therapist for a first time evaluation. This is not and income-based program, anyone can apply! 

The Tripawds Gear Fund

amputee pets help, dog, tripawd, harness
Tripawds Assistive Device Donations help amputee dogs.

The Tripawds Gear Fund makes free dog harnesses and slings available to financially distressed pet parents. Each month two individual applicants will each receive one Ruffwear Web Master  harness or GingeLead dog sling at no charge as long as they meet program income requirements and submit the necessary documentation within the required time frame.

The Tripawds Rescue Fund

tripawd, amputee pet help, three-legged, adopt
Tripawds says “Adopt an amputee pet!”

To encourage pet parents to adopt a three-legged dog or cat, the Tripawds Foundation will reimburse the adoption fee (up to $100) for any registered Tripawds member who rescues an amputee dog or cat from a verifiable animal shelter and submits a brief written essay. The Tripawds Rescue Fund has no income requirements either!

The Tripawds Helpline

Tripawd, amputee pets help, phone, call, toll-free
Tripawds volunteers are ready to talk on the phone.

You probably remember how alone you felt when the vet told you your pet’s leg had to be amputated. The Tripawds Helpline Hosts are ready seven days a week to provide comfort and helpful information to pet parents facing amputation for their dog or cat. By calling 844-TRIPAWD  (844 874-7293), anxious pet parents can find friendship and comfort.

Tripawds Outreach Brochures

amputee pets help, tripawd, three-legged, dog, cat, information
Tripawds brochures are a lifeline during the “amputation bomb” news.

Last but not least, the printed Tripawds Outreach Brochures provide amputee pets help before someone decides to proceed with surgery. Our brochures are there to give vets a lifeline to our community at the very moment they drop the “amputation bomb” to a shocked and upset pet parent.

Now that you know all the details, are you ready to volunteer to help get the word out? We sure hope so. Let’s get more applications in so we can help more Tripawds! Chime into this Discussion Forum Topic today!

Sharing is Caring!

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