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Tripawd Tuesday: Bocephus the Brave

The Tripawds Nation is starting to go “way back.” We now have a long history of amazing three-legged heroes. Every one deserves a day in the Tripawd Tuesday spotlight, don’t you agree? Like sweet angel dog Bocephus (or “Bo”).

Tripawd Tuesday, Bo, Lab, three-legged
Meet Bocephus.

Bocephus joined us in 2011. Like most Tripawds who started out with four legs, he was a healthy and happy yellow Lab on four legs, doing what labs do best. On June 18, 2011 his mom Meghan wrote in his blog:

Bo has tried to swim in the toilet, jump in the shower, splash in his water bowl, and dive…I mean really DIVE into the nearest body of water. It hasn’t always been easy living with such a spirited pup, but we have grown to have a deep understanding and bond with one another.

tripawd, Lab, bone cancer, Tuesday
Bo doing what Labs do best!

Bo filled Meghan and her husband Lee’s life with love and excitement. Things were great until the vet said the two terrible words to his humans: “Bone Cancer.” But did the diagnosis slow him down? Not a chance, wrote Meghan:

We were a little nervous, but Bo showed us that there was nothing to worry about…he is a natural born swimmer. In no time at all, he was swimming the length of the pool.

three-legged, Lab, swimming
Bo’s first Tripawd swim.

Bo even got to participate in the Kill Barney Tour! If you don’t know what it is, hop on over and check it out. You will love the stories of the many Tripawds who did their best to foil the Purple Nemesis.

Bo left us far too soon. His passing broke our hearts, but his Mom summed it up so beautifully when she looked back on his Angelversary and said:

Bo taught me so much about life and enjoying the little things. I do not take his lessons for granted. We will celebrate your life tomorrow and always, sweet boy! Keep having fun at the Bridge. We love and miss you!

three-legged, Lab, tripawd
Meghan and Bo.

Long live the memories of all our beautiful heroes like Bocephus. They, and the humans who weave the fabric of the Tripawds Nation, will never be forgotten.

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Bocephus the Brave”

  1. So glad for the post today so we could get to know this fantastic fun loving boy! Yep, I’m head over paws in love with Bo! 🙂

    Although I had some tears as I was reading through his blogs, I also had plenty of smiles and chuckles as I watched him destroy Barney, or roll over on his back for the most joyful back scratches ever!

    But the story about the Conch shell…WOW! What a treasured memory .maker! You know if you hold a Conch shellnup tonyiur ear you can “hear”‘the ocean, right? I bet if you hold Bo’s Cnch shell up to your ear and listen closely, you can hear his heartbeat right next to yours.


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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