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Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Two Awesome Amputee Birds

Tripawd cats and dogs aren’t the only animals who can live a great life with one less limb. Today on Tripawd Tuesday, let’s take a look at another species that can get around really well as amputees: birds!

Meet Janet and Pasty. These two cockatiels each lost a leg on the same day, but they went on to live great lives!

amputee cockateil birds

We learned about these bipawd birds from Dr. Laurie Hess, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice). She’s an awesome exotic animal veterinarian in New York who founded the Veterinary Center of Birds and Exotics. Dr. Hess is a board-certified bird specialist, one of only about 125 bird specialists in the world.

Dr. Lori Hess, exotics animal vet
Dr. Laurie Hess, exotics animal vet

Here’s how Dr. Hess met Janet and Patsy:

Q: What happened to Janet and Patsy?
A: An Amazon parrot in the house flew on their cages and bit a leg off each of them, leaving them each with only one normal leg. We amputated the injured leg off each of the birds, and they did great.

Q: Was this your first bird leg amputation?
A: No. I have been an exotic animal vet for over 20 years and have done many amputations on different species.

Q: How did the owners react when you told them amputation was needed?
A: Initially they were shocked, especially because both of their birds needed it. But once they saw how well the birds did after, they were happy.

Q: How much time did the birds need to learn balance?
A: Literally just a few hours.

Q: Did they have any side effect like seromas, appetite loss or wound care problems?
A: Nothing! They did great.

Q: Are they still living?
A: Yes. Very happily.

Dr. Hess is the founder of  The Veterinary Center of Birds and Exotics, the only American Animal Hospital Association-accredited bird and exotics specialty referral hospital in NY, and the only hospital caring exclusively for birds and other exotic animals in Westchester and surrounding counties. Read more about caring for exotics in Dr. Laurie Hess’ blog.

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Celebrates Two Awesome Amputee Birds”

  1. What a heartwarming story! So glad Dr. Hess was there for Patsy and Janet! Cannot imagine how upset their humans were! Ugh!

    They are both so pretty, you don’t even notice they are missing a leg.

    Sending love to these incredibly resilient birds and Dr. Hess and “mom a d dad”!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    PS. I had a Robin return every year to my home in Virginia for three years. She was missing a leg. I would put blackberries and other fruit out for her and she would feast during her entre stay. Such a privilege to be part of her journey.

    • Sally that is so neat about the Robin! That bird knew you were its haven.

      Until we met Dr. Lori we had no idea that birds could get by on 1 leg. Amazing creatures aren’t they?1


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