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Tripawd Tuesday Tribute to Baby Doll Mattie

Today’s Tripawd Tuesday is all about quality versus quantity. Because when you’re fighting pet cancer, that’s what matters most: quality. There’s one spunky gal named Mattie and her Dad who are perfect examples of how to have a quality life. Sadly, Mattie earned her wings last week, but her story doesn’t end there, because she will always be an example of making the most of every single day and not letting cancer drag you down.

Mattie Tells Her Tripawd Story

In honor of Mattie, here is a Tripawd Tuesday salute to this sweet pup, as told by she and her Dad.

Meet Mattie!

My name is Mattie, but I can probably count on one paw the number of times that Bob has called me Mattie. He always calls me “Baby Doll”. He loves me very much. Sometimes, when he greets me, he says “Hey!! Baby Doll!! Hey, Beautiful!!”. I really like that.

Mattie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, but that never stopped her from enjoying life. Her dad Bob wrote to share how well she did throughout her battle:

Mattie recuperates

I wish we were more active members of the site, but life has its issues and priorities. Mattie is my first priority. She’s doing well. She’s my Baby Doll.

tripawd, recovery, photos, Mattie
Cheese please! says Mattie.

I let her out back each morning and when I let her back into the kitchen she stops in the middle of the kitchen floor and looks back at me because she knows it’s time for her morning dose of 70 back scratches, a 100mg tablet of carprofen and a slice of American Cheese.

tripawd, recovery, food, Mattie
Mattie shares her recuperation secret.

To that, Mattie says:

I’m a tripawd!!!!!! And I’m still here!!!!!!!! Cancer is a word, not a sentence. Never say never. Never give up. Every day is a lifetime. Believe in me. I’m a doggie!!!! Doggies RULE!!!!!! Tripawds RULE!

Bob has an awesome photo collection of Mattie’s recovery journey, from the week she came home from surgery to this past April when she aced chemotherapy. We’re adding some to the Tripawds photo gallery because they really convey how things do get better after the recovery phase. Be sure to check it out for some big inspawration.

Let’s give three paws up to Mattie and Bob for livin’ large!

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Tribute to Baby Doll Mattie”

  1. Thank you so much Sally for that thoughtful and heartfelt response. Your posts, advice and feedback are invaluable on this forum, as they are to Mattie and me. I will try to get some shots up soon of the pictures of Mattie which I have hanging on my wall in my den.

    And special thanks also to the Tripawds admins and owners for this wonderful, unexpected, heartwarming and extremely well done tribute to Mattie. I have always been inspired by this web site and the quality of the content and members here. The support here is priceless, and thoughtful things such as you have done here with Mattie’s tribute really make a real impact. Thanks again!!

    • You got us all teary-eyed Bob, your kindness and thoughtful comments mean the world to us. Thank you for being such a great example of living in the Now, your and Mattie’s lessons will go on forever here.

  2. Got me all teary eyed over here! But a whole lot of smiles are mixed in with those tears! How can you not smile at kmowing how well lpved and how well SPOILED sweet Baby!! She clearly had Bob wrapped around her paw!

    I’ve always looked forward to Mattie’s blogs and her pictures. She certainly enjoyed her meals and snacks, that’s for sure! I hadn’t seen all the photos chronicling Mattie’s recovery and journey. These will be very helpful and inspiring for those facing this journey. What a great legacy…helping others! Good job Baby Doll!!

    My Happy Hannah convinced me that ice cream (and a few M&Ms) counted as her nutritional supplement. Clearly pizza worked for Baby Doll! I know those two are having a ball stuffing their faces full of junk food over at the Bridge!

    This sweet girl and her human taught us a lot of lessons about “being more dog” and making everyday count! I love this…EVERYDAY IS A LIFETIME!!!! What a remarkably wise dog!!!

    Mattie, it has been…and continues to be…a true honor to travel this journey with you. Your life ade a difference to all who had the privilege of knowing you. You will NEVER be forgotten! Good job Baby Doll, good job!!!

    Sendiing love and surrounding you with Mattie’s eternal grace

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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