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Tripawd Tuesday: Sweet Sophia Sends a Sign

Every Tripawd pawrent struggles to find a sign that they made the best decision for their cat or dog, especially during the earliest days of life on three legs. In today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebration, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful sign that came to one Tripawd Mom when she was trying to decide whether or not to amputate. Here’s how she describes it:

Tripawd rescue Sophia
Tripawd Sophia and Mom Erin

Hi guys! It’s Erin & Sophia again! (Ursula and the Little Mermaid) I wanted to share with you guys how I got the courage to continue with amputation.

Initially my biggest concern was, they couldn’t biopsy her swollen leg to check for cancer until the leg was amputated (for fear of aggravating and spreading it I assume?). So I couldn’t know the severity of her situation until I already went through it..and I had just days to decide as the swollen leg was so fragile the Vet feared if I waited any longer to amputate or put her to sleep that the leg would snap.

Tripawd Rescue Sophia
Proud dog Sophia after amputation.

I went back and forth trying to make the best decision for her, I didn’t want her to go through amputation, find out it was cancer, and not be able to pay for subsequent chemo or radiation bills. I just wanted to do right by her.

Driving home from the cancer specialist I was contemplating my options, trying to make new options in my head though I know there were only two. But then something marvelous happened.. At a red light, a pedestrian crossed the crosswalk. An elderly man in a wheel chair, who was a double amputee, missing both legs. He didn’t seem sad, or miserable, he just was on his merry way with his head high and a purpose. Since that moment I knew I had to fight for Sophia.

The biopsy showed no signs of cancer and almost a year later we are as happy as ever! People tell me I’m a hero for saving her, but I usually end up telling them about the man I saw that day, and how seemingly insignificant it could have been, but that I thought it was a sign, from someone, somewhere, that I had to fight for her.

That’s how I got the courage to follow through with Sweet Sophia’s Amputation.

Sophia after amputation
Tripawd Sophia says life is good on three legs!
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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Sweet Sophia Sends a Sign”

  1. You are such a pretty girl sophia. You are doing great. What an awesome story of a sign to help you make a very tough decison. Holly an i are sending lots of blessings to you both. Stay strong!

  2. Oh gosh! I am one big chill bump from nead to toe!! What a spectacular sign!! Talk about a message that was addressed specifically to you…OMD!

    “He didn’t seem sad or mkserable, he just was on his merry way with his head held high and a purpose”!

    And I love these pictures! Look at Sophie sta ding tall and proud!!! Her head is held high and with a purpose!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this awe inspiring story! Love this!

    Love to you both and look forward to hearing more about this sweet girl who has the best FOREVER home possible!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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