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Tripawd Tuesday: Johnnie Beats Bone Cancer in Brazil

Today for Tripawd Tuesday, travel with us to the Southern Hemisphere tropics to meet Johnnie, a Tripawd Golden Retriever in Rio de Janero, Brazil.

Golden Retriever Johnnie Tripawd
Tripawd Bone Cancer Hero Johnnie in Rio de Janero, Brazil

This golden boy lost his leg on May 20, 2014, after a long, complicated diagnosis that finally concluded he has chrondroblastic osteosrcoma. His Momma Daniella has written extensively about his treatments and life on three legs, here in the Discussion Forums, and today we present some excerpts so we can celebrate his hard-fought battle and cheer him on even more!

Amputation incision on Johnnie Tripawd
Tripawd Johnnie after leg amputation.

June, 2014: Greetings to all.  This is the story of our saga to get Johnnie’s diagnostic for OSA.  We live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Last September (2013) our Golden boy Johnnie, then just 5 years old, started limping, right after helping himself out of the pool without using the stairs.  We thought he had sprained his front leg, or had slipped on the wooden deck.  Trip to the vet, 5 days of medication, “if he doesn’t get better you should see the orthopedist, bla bla bla.

Golden Tripawd Johnnie in Rio
Cheering Brazil in World Cup

May 2014: CT scan + needle aspiration for a second biopsy.  Citology positive for OSA, but lungs clear.  Time for big decisions.  By this time I had already discovered the Tripawd blog, and I cannot tell you how much the videos, photos, and testimonials helped our family with this hard decision.  Johnnie joined the tripawd club on May 20.

August 30, 2014: . . . six more weeks to go before we are done with chemo.  Can’t complain at all, because he has reacted very well, the only side effect are looser bowels but we have kept this more or less under control exclusively with diet.

Tripawd Swims with Ruffwear Float Coat
Johnnie loves his Ruffwear Float Coat

December 2014: A quick update on Johnnie, six-months post amp and two months post-chemo, still going strong.  Had some so-so days last week because it got VERY hot, in the upper 90’s F.  This week has been milder, and the weekend was just gorgeous!  We got to enjoy the pool and the sun.

Tripawd Johnnie after a swim
Relaxing after a swim.

January 2015: An update on Johnnie, after his 3-month post-chemo checkup, 7 1/2 months post-amp:  lung X-Ray all clear, abdominal ultrasound totally normal, blood exams ok.  His white blood count is quite high, red blood count is borderline.  The vet thought everything was ok.  . . .

Here at home, we are all very grateful to have him in good health and good spirit.  The swimming is doing him good – he prefers it to hopping-walking around, especially in this very, very hot summer.”


Read all the details about Johnnie’s amputation recovery, cancer treatment and life on three legs here in the Discussion Forums.

Johnnie Golden Retriever Tripawd
Golden Boy Tripawd Keeps Kicking Cancer’s Butt!


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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Johnnie Beats Bone Cancer in Brazil”

  1. CHEERING JOHNNIE ON IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO!! And Ive been cheering since day one!!

    Look at these pics of this smiling face!!! LOVE HIM!!!

    Daniela and Johnnie are such an inspiration for this community and have been huge cheerleaders for everyone here! And we all thank you for that!

    Well deserved Tuesday Highlight! Perfect!!


    Sending kove!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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