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Tripawd Tuesday: Panchito Bandito’s Brave Journey

When a Tripawd puts on a set of glorious wings, we can’t help but be sad. But today on Tripawd Tuesday we want to put broken hearts aside for a moment to celebrate the life of one sweet, courageous pup named Panchito, who became one of our newest angels this month.

Three-legged Dandy Dinmont Terrier Panchito
Dandy Dinmont Terrier Panchito

Panchito joined us in July of this year. In one of her posts, Momma Clare wrote:

Our beloved Dandy Dinmont Terrier Panchito, nearly 12, was diagnosed with a malignant leg tumour 2 weeks ago. We had the leg amputated 4 days ago. Despite numerous biopsies they still aren’t sure what type of tumour it is. Except it was quite fast growing in his leg? We have decided against chemo due to his age and the fact we can’t pinpoint what exactly we are dealing with. He’s a bit low today ( day 4) and has been put on antibiotics for a slight infection. We want him to live happily for as long as possible and would be so grateful for tips, experiences etc. I have started him on an anti cancer diet and he already takes fish oil and coenzyme q10 everyday. He’s a wonderful chap and much loved by many people!

Dandy Dinmont Terrier Panchito the Tripawd
Tripawd Panchito keeps on loving life!

Panchito was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma but that didn’t slow him down. Later Clare posted:

Panchito is now 9 days post op and is right back to being the bouncy happy bright (one) eyed chap he was before the tumour. He is pain free and utterly un phased by life on three legs! I just hope that we now can hold it at bay and give him as long and joyful a life as possible. Have posted a video on the tripawds Facebook page as not sure how else to do it – but it’s to say thankyou for all your advice and support. This would have been impossible without the site and your kind messages ! Thankyou so much !
Dandy Dinmont Terrier Panchito the Tripawd
Bright-eyed Panchito

Sadly, the cancer spread much faster than anyone expected. Last week we were heartbroken to hear that Panchito earned his wings and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Just a couple of days later, we were so deeply touched when Clare and Olga, Panchito (in spirit), Maisie and Peggy sent the Tripawds community a very generous gift of financial support, even though they are all going through theirown grief of saying goodbye to this amazing dog. Clare wrote to tell us:

He was a glorious chap and we miss him terribly. He was absolutely our hero, battling through the loss of an eye 6 months ago ( to glaucoma) and then 4 months ago the cancer and the loss of his leg. He was never downhearted for a minute- the happiest and most noble, loving friend around. Your Tripawds site and your wonderful community were such a comfort and source of help and information. As you know we reached out for support a number of times and were overwhelmed by people’s kindness. We felt a donation on Panchitos behalf was the very least we could do to say thank you. I hope it helps you to keep running such a great resource and helps other frightened folk realise that the tripawd life is a wonderful and happy one !

With love and thanks
Clare and Olga, Panchito (in spirit), Maisie and Peggy. Xxx

Words can’t begin to describe our gratitude for Clare’s very thoughtful gift, especially at such a difficult time. Please join us in celebrating the life of Panchito. Tripawds like him are such amazing teachers, they always show us that nothing should ever get us down, life is just too precious!

Dandy Dinmont Terrier Tripawd
Panchito’s Life Never Forgotten, Always Treasured
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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Panchito Bandito’s Brave Journey”

  1. Panchito, you are an inspiration to all! What a brave battle you fought! You will always be remembered, handsome boy.

    To Panchito’s family, thank you so much for sharing your brave boy with us. Sending healing thoughts to you.

  2. My deepest, deepsest condolences to all of Panchito’s family. I was shocked to read this today and we all cry with you.

    I LOVE THIS ADORABLE DOG!!!!! Talk about melting hearts….oh my goodness!!!

    I’m so glad n you were able to get more bonus time of loving and spoiling and joy with this amazing little fella’!

    Twelve years of thousands and thousands of days of the best memories ever!

    Panchito touched our hearts here….as did your love for him and his love for you! This little guy lived a life of meaning and played full out while doing it! He will never be forgotten here!

    Please stay connected……..this is a very rough time and we understand like no others can! Let us help support you. And thank you for supporting Tripawds on so many levels.

    I keep scrolling backnup to look at those pictures….makes me smile through tears! He is soooooooo darn cute!!!!!!!

    Love to all

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too


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